Here are all your unicorn needs for a magical summer

PHOTO: Thumbs Up! Unicorn MaskPlayAmerican Eagle
WATCH Unicorn island is all your Instagram needs this summer

You're looking around the house and it feels like something is missing. Suddenly, you realize what it is.

You don't have nearly enough unicorns in your life.

From drink floats to headbands to a strange, but guaranteed-to-be-a-party-fave mask, "Good Morning America" has everything you need to fulfill all your summer unicorn needs.

Pool float

PHOTO: The Rainbow Unicorn Inflatable Pool FloatRevolve
The Rainbow Unicorn Inflatable Pool Float

If you have a pool, but no unicorn pool float, do you really have a pool at all? This one is from Revolve.

Drink float

Same story on the drink float. These are from American Eagle Outfitters.

PHOTO: Bigmouth Unicorn Drink FloatsAmerican Eagle
Bigmouth Unicorn Drink Floats

Unicorn mask

The aforementioned mask that will come in handy at the weirdest moment. Also from American Eagle Outfitters.

PHOTO: Thumbs Up! Unicorn MaskAmerican Eagle
Thumbs Up! Unicorn Mask

Unicorn tee

PHOTO: Truly Madly Deeply Inside-Out Unicorn TeeUrban Outfitters
Truly Madly Deeply Inside-Out Unicorn Tee

Just cute for everyday. This is from Urban Outfitters.

Velvet throw pillow

PHOTO: Velvet Unicorn Throw PillowUrban Outfitters
Velvet Unicorn Throw Pillow

Mmmm . . . velvet. From Urban Outfitters.

Unicorn Duvet cover

PHOTO: Chelsea Victoria For Deny Unicorn Marble Duvet CoverUrban Outfitters
Chelsea Victoria For Deny Unicorn Marble Duvet Cover

Put some magic where the magic happens. From Urban Outfitters.

Unicorn heat-up slippers

PHOTO: Smoko Unicorn USB Heat-Up SlipperUrban Outfitters
Smoko Unicorn USB Heat-Up Slipper

So cute! And cozy too. Also from Urban Outfitters.

Unicorn cami body suit

PHOTO: Unicorn Cami BodysuitForever 21
Unicorn Cami Bodysuit

The must-have addition to your summer wardrobe. This cami is from Forever 21.

Unicorn headband

PHOTO: Glitter Unicorn HeadbandForever 21
Glitter Unicorn Headband

Also from Forever 21, a unicorn headband.

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