Amazing deals on family fun activities

Tory Johnson brings us deals from small businesses that will keep the whole family entertained.
4:24 | 02/06/21

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Transcript for Amazing deals on family fun activities
Now to "Deals & steals." Staying safe at home does not need to be boring, right? Tory Johnson is here with amazing deals on activities that are fun for the whole family and here's the best part. They're all from small businesses, Tory, good morning walk us through our first activity here. Good morning, whit. First up from madd Capp, these are incredible puzzles. They're all uniquely shaped oversized, photos that are high gloss, very realistic animals so if you're an animal lover and a puzzle lover this one is for your family, lion, tiger, bear, wolves, there's a t-rex, a rooster, you name it. The pieces range from 100 to 550 so choose what's best for you. Guaranteed hours of family fun. Today they are slashed in half so the prices start at 7.50. I like the hummingbird puzzle for Dan because he's like always making noise and stuff like that so perfect. All right. We've got some really cool activities on this part of the table here. Walk me through it. This is -- that's an awesome company called lux blox created by a mom and all manufactured in America. I want to give that a big shoutout and it's all designed to help kids understand the basic principles of engineering. Modern engineering and so each set has over 140 pieces. There's a patented piece in this system that is -- allows everything that you make to do something. So very specifically to squish, bend, fold, it's a pretty awesome kit. All of these today are slashed in half, $37.50 and free shipping and then, whit, our third deal for now is from a great company called open the joy. This was started by a mom whose daughter was in the hospital for extended stays. She could not find a product that helped with the emotional healing of a child and so this is all about screen-free kids all in one activities designed by therapists to bust boredom. There's arts and crafts, magic. You name it. I love this company. You will too. All the products today are slashed in half and start at $5. My favorite, the feel better bag. Love it. Tory, thank you so much. Get these deals on We'll be right back. Just the way you make me feel el I'm made to move. But these days, I'm not getting out as much as I'd like to. That's why I take Osteo Bi-Flex. It helps with occasional joint stiffness, while it nourishes & strengthens my joints for the long term. Osteo Bi-Flex, find our coupon in Sunday's paper. At Panera, when we make a pizza... We don't just "Make a pizza." We use fresh, clean ingredients... To make a masterpiece. Order our new Pepperoni and Four Cheese Flatbread Pizzas for delivery or pickup today. Panera. A must in your medicine cabinet! Less sick days! Cold coming on? Zicam is clinically proven to shorten colds! Highly recommend it! Zifans love Zicam's unique zinc formula. It shortens colds! Zicam Zinc that cold! If you have this... And you get this... You could end up with this... Unexpected out-of-pocket costs. Which for those on Medicare, or soon to be... Is a good reason to take charge of your health care. So consider this. An aarp Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan from UnitedHealthcare.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Tory Johnson brings us deals from small businesses that will keep the whole family entertained.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75726182","title":"Amazing deals on family fun activities","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/amazing-deals-family-fun-activities-75726182"}