The best Presidents Day deals and discounts

Becky Worley breaks down the best deals on travel, apparel and home goods for this Presidents Day.
2:39 | 02/15/20

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Transcript for The best Presidents Day deals and discounts
To buy or to wait? Monday is presidents' day which means big sales are there should you buy or should you wait and maybe get more bang for your buck later on? Our Becky Worley is breaking it all down for us and joining us live. Becky, good morning to you. I understand you're going to put me on the spot with a little bit of a quiz this morning. You know I love a good buy now or wait guessing game, whit. I mean, the deals are live now. But maybe some things are cheaper later in April, so I'll ask you, I'm going to turn the tables. So first, travel. Should you buy a ticket now or wait till it's closer to beach season? I'm too eager. I'm going to go with buy, Becky. You are correct. Ding, ding, ding. This actually is a great time to buy flights. These holiday weekends always an opportunity to hunt down those promotional fares, especially regional airlines. I saw a $33 one-way trip from Chicago to ft. Lauderdale on spirit air lines. Here's another pro tip. If you are thinking about using miles, do it early like now, but I do say hold off on buying a cruise until March. That's when the real discounting happens as the companies try to hit their quotas. Got it. A bit of a mixed bag. We'll hold off on the cruises. All right, Becky, what else you got for us? Okay, next question, everybody is trying to make good on fitness goals. Is now a good time to buy running shoes, or should you wait? I'm going to go with buy. Actually, it's wait. Do we have to have the sound effects to go with that by the way to just prove that I'm wrong? We did have to have that for just be lucky there's no slime coming from the ceiling or anything like that that you know of yet. Retailers know runners are coming out of hiding as spring happens, so later in the spring is when the discounts happen on shoes. But let's talk clothing. It's on sale now. Gap, 30% to 50% off, banana republic, 40% off, Victoria's secret, get a $20 gift card and Clarks, 40% off. Do we have time for one more? What do you think, whit? We do. We got for. What do you got, Becky? Okay, last category. Furniture, linens, homewares, what do you think, buy or wait? I'm going to say wait. Say it again. What do you think it is? Wait. Wait. Okay. That's a good guess but buy now. This is one of the best times to spruce up your home for spring. Pottery barn, everything on crate & barrel, lots of good furniture deals today online and in store. Whit, you did pretty well. I'll give you the golf clap. I'll take the golf clap. Thank you very much, Becky. Really appreciate it. Always good to see you, and

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"Becky Worley breaks down the best deals on travel, apparel and home goods for this Presidents Day. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69005608","title":"The best Presidents Day deals and discounts","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/best-presidents-day-deals-discounts-69005608"}