Deals and Steals for the holidays

GMA’s Tory Johnson shows us some great savings from small businesses.
4:14 | 11/26/20

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Transcript for Deals and Steals for the holidays
Whit, thank you. It's now time for "Deals & Tory Johnson is here with seven small businesses we are celebrating and this morning we have this really cool code there on your screen you can point your cell phone at and take advantage of these deal, Tory, tell us what we got this morning. We got a whole bunch of great stuff, Eva. Let's start with a cool company called uncommon gourmet. They make exquisite balsamics and extra virgin olive oils. What I love about them, they are truly the finest of their kind and also come in really beautiful packaging so as more people are cooking at home these make awesome gift, especially today because the whole assortment is 50% off and starts at $9.00. Then I've been smelling these cookies over here. This looks amazing. It's really fun.ththis is called the dirty cookie company and they make an edible shot glass for a age so it's a little teeny cookie shot glass lined with chocolate. You can then fill it with any beverage of your choice or mousse or whipped cream, whatever you want and make fun do it yourself kits so if you want to have some decorating fun, that makes a great family activity and all of the kit, variety of types make just fun gifts to elevate a little holiday entertaining even if it's just entertaining yourself, the kits are slashed in half so today they start at $20. We were going through the list of all the drinks of choice we could put into the cookies this morning. Up next we have this -- these amazing dogs. Yes, so you and I are both dog mamas this. Is a great company called Eric & Christopher, all of these products are hand made in Pennsylvania. They do everything from the screen printing cutting, sewing and what I love especially about this collection, it's not only great assortment of pillows and tea towels and really great tote, but a portion of their proceeds will go to a local dog rescue. They have rescued over 1400 dogs in the last nine years so you can feel extra good about your purchase today. All of these are sed in half so they range from $10 to $30. Really cool. Also cool fanny packs. Really convenient to wear. Yes. They are convenient. And these are sleek, these are not your granny's fanny packs. These are seem from bandiwear and made in America. This is great if you're running to the grocery store or walking the dog, you can stash your cash, your credit card, your key, whatever that one thing is you need to go on the go and you'll look good doing it. A big, big assortment. More you'll see online. Slashed in half 15 to $17. Then we have some stuff to kind of add to your bath, the spahome. We're all a little stressed so I feel like this is something we could all use. This is called Harper + Ari. We have all of their brand-new products, one of their big holiday favorites are bath balms that look like a chocolate bar. They are just fun and kind of make anybody smile and all of their new holiday scents and lotions, gingerbread, hot butter rum, champagne, sign me up for all of them. Especially today because their prices are great and start from $3.50 to $18. Very cool. This for all the runners out there, this is a good stocking stuffer, Tory. It's a great stocking stuffer and it's not just for runners. Walking the dog, good forll ages, you want to be seen and safe in the dark. It's roq innovation, L.E.D. Rechargeable light beaming, fleece, knit, big assortment. All slashed in half 10 to $12.50 and, Eva, we'll end on a fun one there, mahogany, we have 100% cotton pajamas. You can choose the pants, robe, two piece, everyone is going to smile with these and they wash really well. 50% off and start at $17. Of course, we have partnered with all of these brands on our website, Coming up, the Turkey chefs

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"GMA’s Tory Johnson shows us some great savings from small businesses.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74416685","title":"Deals and Steals for the holidays ","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/deals-steals-holidays-74416685"}