Deals and Steals on kitchen favorites

Tory Johnson is back with exclusive deals on must-have kitchen items for “GMA” viewers.
4:25 | 01/16/20

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Transcript for Deals and Steals on kitchen favorites
Tory Johnson is cooking up big savings and we are in the perfect setting. Can we just give a little shoutout to our producer's graphic team. They made all of these awesome things that look so good. The only way to top it is with really good deals. A backflash. They got everything, the stovetop. If home cooking, more home cooking is on your agenda, great upgreat. The pans are all nonstick, so you've got a nonstick surface. You also have the stay cool handles. Don't they feel soft. Stay cool handles. Four gorgeous colors. These are amazing. And they also have an aluminum body so the heat is evenly distributed so your cooking to perfection. I figure that out with all the cooking I do. Normally $130 for the set of three. Today slashed in half, $65. You need great knives. I don't think you'll find better looking knives. Schmidt brothers. That doesn't look right. They have a patented handle all of them that is designed specifically to make sure that you get the best use out of the knife so the ease -- so you're not struggling when cutting. They have a knife for every single purpose. They have steak knives. We have these great blocks to be able to put your knives up on the wall so they're in sight but you get to not use up drawer space. Normally 50 to $500 because we have big sets. These are serious knives. All slashed in half and start at Oh, bam. You did it again. You don't have the time to prepare fresh meals, tovala is made for insanely busy people who want the health benefits and taste of quality meals but you don't want to do the prep so this oven right here will cook anything from toast to roast. You can do anything in it. You can also use their meal service. So with this deal you'll get to choose four of their meals. Look how beautiful they look, the salmon and chicken. That looks good. You scan it, pop it in. It does the rest. You don't even -- You scan it, pop it in. It cooks for you, normally $347. Today slashed in half, $173 Free shipping. Pressa water bottles. What would you pop in there which fruits do you like? Glass or plastic or choose one of each. You'll get two with the deal. Make your own delicious water. When it tastes good like that you tend to drink more of it. You pop it right into there. You're good to go. Norm Amelie $80, plastic or glass, slashed in half is $40. Press it down, infusion. This is a "Gma" favorite. We got brand-new patterns, flowers and fruit so that is an alternative to paper towels. It is reusable instead of disposable. Holes a lot of water. Ultra absorbent is the magic of these. Ultra absorbency. This is brilliant. Normally $10.50 they start at. Today they start at just $5.25. 50% off. Then finally also keeping with a replacement for plastic, the one-time use plastic when you're in the store we have two things. This little cart bag right here. Keep it in the trunk of your car, anywhere that's convenient and open it up into your cart in the grocery store and load your groceries from cart to car to kippen. There's even one that's Some people just take the whole cart home? Take the whole cart. Then their produce bags, mesh or organic cotton all replaces plastic, 25 to 50 regularly today slashed in half starts at $12.50. Tory, you did it again. It's fun. Great stuff for the kitchen, everybody. And we partnered with all of these companies and these great deals. Get them on our website and our audience, you're not left out. You're cleaning up with a giveaway from wet I have it! That's right.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"Tory Johnson is back with exclusive deals on must-have kitchen items for “GMA” viewers. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68322542","title":"Deals and Steals on kitchen favorites","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/deals-steals-kitchen-favorites-68322542"}