Deals and Steals: Products that promote comfort and relaxation

From lazy Saturday morning eats to pain remedy solutions and comfy shoes, robes and pajamas, Tory Johnson recommends products that will make "GMA" readers feel good.
4:29 | 01/23/21

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Transcript for Deals and Steals: Products that promote comfort and relaxation
Time for "Deals & steals" to help you kick back and relax. Tory Johnson is here with some serious savings on all things comfortable and comforting and here's the best part, all of these products are from small businesses. Tory, good morning. What do you have for us first? Good morning, Dan. First up we're starting with fluffy pancakes. This line, Josie's gluten free pancakes was started by a woman who loved to bake but was gluten intolerant. She decided to create a recipe to satisfy herself. It is now extremely popular because it delivers that kind of fluffy old-fashioned perfect on a Saturday morning, you'll get a four-pack to make waffles, pancakes, crepes or muffins, 50% off, $17.50. Then we also have here a comfy and cute way to stay warm for kids. Yes, and I would add to all of those words, cuddly. It's like cuddly. It's so cuddly. I don't know if we left you behind a little fox to open up. Yes. But these products from cubcoats are so awesome. So it starts or ends your choice as a cuddly little creature and opens up into a delightful hoodie for kids. There are sherpa jackets, zip-up hoodies, regular just pullover hoodies, ten different styles to choose from, sizes range from 2 toddler to 10 and now for some kids just having that little friend with them is important and then for parents to know that there's a warm alternative in there as well is great. Today's the day to buy them because they're 50% off. These prices range from $17.50 to $32. Love it. They don't have my size but we can discuss that off air. You also know of a great product that blocks pain. This is a really great company called pain care labs created by a scientist/physician and she has a patented technology that uses both cooling and vibration to end kind of pain relief right on contact. So it has so many different uses, whether it is for needle pain relief or there's options for joints and all kinds of just normal aches and pains. Again, a drug-free alternative to pain relief. All of the options today, 50% off. They start at $22.50. Tory, thank you so much. You can get these deals on and stick around because we have more Tory and more "Deals & steals" coming up in our next half hour. Whit and Eva, over to you. Dan, thanks. Coming up, breaking down the most binge worthy weekend in entertainment. Simple ways to reduce waste. Everyday actions that can make a big difference for the planet in sustainable you. And chef Jason Goldstein with dinner and breakfast the night to morning dishes you need to know about. Stay with us. Dear Ms, when we first met I thought you'd control every part of me. Overwhelm me. Define me. But I found a way to give myself more space. I met ocrevus, an infusion treatment that's 2 times a year. For adults with relapsing or primary Progressive forms of Multiple Sclerosis, ocrevus is proven effective in reducing relapses in rms and slowing disability progression in rms and ppms. Don't take ocrevus if you've had a life-threatening allergic reaction to it, or have Hepatitis B. Tell your doctor about vaccinations or if you've had Hep B, as it could come back. Ocrevus can cause infusion reactions

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"From lazy Saturday morning eats to pain remedy solutions and comfy shoes, robes and pajamas, Tory Johnson recommends products that will make \"GMA\" readers feel good.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75444018","title":"Deals and Steals: Products that promote comfort and relaxation","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/deals-steals-products-promote-comfort-relaxation-75444018"}