Deals and Steals on stocking stuffers for $20 or less

Tory Johnson is back just in time for the holidays with exclusive discounts on items for “GMA” viewers.
7:34 | 12/05/19

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Transcript for Deals and Steals on stocking stuffers for $20 or less
We have Lara as our Vanna white I guess over here and Christmas, Christmas is less than three weeks away and today we're kicking off our "Deals & steals" holiday extravaganza. In the house to bring the holiday cheer and savings, all $20 or less. Every deal today, so get on your computer and start buying. You'll love these starting right here. Starting right here. Knock, knock, who's there? Oh. Pocket socks. Spin it around. Part two and we spin. Let me tell you a little about this. Theounder of this company -- the founder of this company, he was pickpocketed on a trip in Europe. His passport and money was stolen. There's a good ending to this. The good ending he created this pocket socks. Because he wanted a product that he could feel safe traveling with so there's all different types of socks. All of which have a little zipper compartment there. That's cool. You can either buy the passport side, cash, if you are doing sport, if you're at the gym, on the go, at a concert and just need to put a little -- you can't put a whole purse in here but cash, credit card, the critical stuff. I've never heard anybody say, give me your socks. There you go. Truly. These normally range from 15 to $25. That was good. That was good. Today -- Your socks or your life. They're cut in half and start at $8.50. There are only a few guys in here. I'm going to give you some socks. Next up. Doorbell, who is there in did It did. Night. Tore up the front door. Whoops. I was a little aggressive. We've got beauty options. You get two pieces. I love their new packaging made just for this. A satin eye mask, satin pillowcase. Who loves this? You do. You do. This pillowcase saves your hair and face from wrinkles. Really great. And they're cool for girls of a certain age. This deal is going to save -- you can use them too. Two colors. Blush and gray. Normally 75 to $0 depending on the size you choose. These are slashed by 75%. They are $20 and -- ? Free shipping, everybody. Free shipping from night. Another awesome one. Where is the doorbell? Someone is here. Sholdit. This is the brand-new -- whoops. You got it. Either way. Geez. We brought in the gingerbread couple for these. This is the brand-new fleece plaid collection. We've got five different patterns. It's the scarf that goes around your neck with the zippered pocket. Again. This will hold more. This will hold more and these patterns are awesome for guys or girls as you see. Super soft. Great, great fabric too. Normally $40 today slashed in half, $20. This one is -- Corksicle. We've got an entire Christmas tree down here worth of their products. Every single color. Anything from the website. This is a massive assortment. Even more than you will see here. You can Seuss them for hot or cold beverages. The genius, it is triple insulated so it will keep your beverages cold or hot longer plus we've got a variety of beverage accessories, as well so for the beer drinker, wine drinker, whatever they drink, we've got something for you. 13 to $35 regularly. Everything from corksickle starts at 8.50. Doorbell. Who is there? Who is there? Spongelle in the house. Body wash infused buffers. There is a scent for everybody. These ar great for every day. Just adds a touch of luxury to bathtime. The fragrance and product is infused. You get it wet, lather. It's amazing. 10 to $40 regularly. Not today, it is slashed in half. 5 to $20. 5 to 20 bucks. And finally. Finally. Finally. Doorbell. This is for the sports fanatic. You the fan. No, you the fan. With this one, I hope we can get in close so you can see. These are 3D stadium ornaments so a replica of your favorite stadiums. Details are amazing. I've already pulled the saints for robin. We know what she's getting. Normally $13, they're slashed in half, $6.50. How cool is that? Very cool. They look gorgeous from both sides because they have printing on both sides so no matter the angle you're covered. Really great gifts. Check them out please and more to come. More to come. Don't go anywhere. Tory has for great "Deals & steals" coming up. Santa Clarita Santa surprise for a very special 8-year-old making it his mission to help veterans in need. Stay with us on "Good morning America." "Gma's" "Deals & steals" sponsored by target. Get 10% off target gift cards this Sunday only. Announcer: Tomorrow what will kylo ren himself add dram driver reveal about "Star wars: The rise of Skywalker." It's a feeling that's hard to Announcer: Find out tomorrow only on "Good morning America." America's most watched morning show. Announcer: "Gma" Tuesday kick off the holidays in style. It's Dionne Warwick and aloe blacc performing live. And this Christmas will be Announcer: Tuesday only on "Good morning America" presented by carmax. Good morning. It's 8:27, Thursday, December 5th. I'm Ken Rosato. A woman was shot in the chest after a bullet burst through a window in Brooklyn. A car window was shattered and police found evidence of multiple shots fired. The woman was hospitalized in stable condition and is not believed to be the intended target. We check the commute with Heather. Westchester county, sawmill river parkway at Lawrence street an accident. Heading over here on 287 east near exit 9 a missing manhole use caution.

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{"duration":"7:34","description":"Tory Johnson is back just in time for the holidays with exclusive discounts on items for “GMA” viewers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67513007","title":"Deals and Steals on stocking stuffers for $20 or less","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/deals-steals-stocking-stuffers-20-67513007"}