Duchess Meghan's showstopping year in fashion

Style expert Melissa Garcia shares how you can recreate some of Meghan's best looks at home, as the duchess prepares to celebrate her first wedding anniversary with Prince Harry.
5:54 | 05/17/19

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Transcript for Duchess Meghan's showstopping year in fashion
now with some of duchess Meghan's best looks as she and prince Harry prepare to celebrate, I can't believe it's their first wedding anniversary this weekend so we're taking a look back at some of the new pom's most memorable fashion moments and we're going to show you how you can get some of these looks for less. First a look into her closet. From the moment she said "I do" in her custom givenchy guy all eyes on her. Her choices loaded with meaning from the dress she wore the day baby news broke to a little known Australian denim brand who hit the royal jackpot when they spent 16 days in the south pacific. Incredible just to see the way people responded to it. Reporter: The duchess recycling a pair of outland denim sustainable black skinny jeans during several out sdmrgz this is the Jean she wore and it literally sold out within 24 hours. Reporter: The Meghan effect changing the lives of the Cambodian women who make then. We were able to employ new women and these women came from a range of different backgrounds of being trafficked for labor or sex or just in general vulnerable people due to Reporter: Never losing that Markle sparkle even while expecting, Meghan stunning in a number of curve hugging dresses and cozy coats favoring designers like givenchy, Roland Mouret, dior and Carolina Herrera, never letting her baby bump cramp her style, often appearing in sky high stilettos, halter tops and slitted skirts. These were not your average maternity muumuus. She was determined to look fashionable and she did. Reporter: Earlier she glowed in this sweater maternity dress from H&M's maternity line called momma. The price, just $35. Not surprisingly, it sold out within hours. And now that Meghan is back in the royal spotlight after giving birth to baby Archie, all eyes, of course, on the littlest royal, but fashion fans also sizing up Meghan's chic trench coat dress by grace wilson-bonner. I am positive Meghan's new mommy style is going to be amazing. I love that. Our friend, Melissa Garcia, is joins us now. Good morning. With some of the duchess' lacks for less. They can shop all of these looks on our website. Yes. So let's get going with the one we've seen most recently when she came out to show baby Archie to the world, kind of white trenchcoat dress and a model will show us our version of it. Come on out. Looking regal. This style dress on Meghan might look familiar because she tends to wear this style. The fourth or fifth time she's worn this style dress before and looks effortless and beautiful but how do we do it for less. I found this great dress from banana republic. About $83 and has the same silhouette. It has obviously the same color, white and has that belted detail as well to give it that trench-style feel and pulled it together with a great pair of shoes from lulu's. Only $29. Amazing. This is a little over $100. Much more affordable. I love the shot of you right next to Meghan. We can barely tell you apart. They do. I'll stand over here next to this Meghan. This is my -- hey, girl. This is my favorite dress so far. I love this. This was her trip to Morocco. I love this dress. We have another model to come out and show us. This is lovely. This is so pretty. This is a little bit of a departure interest what we're used to seeing on her. A loose flowy bohemian style dress but expensive. This is it Carolina Herrera, close to $3,000 but I was able to find this, this is from H&M, only $69.99 and what's great -- So pretty. It has that caftan bohemian feel, the paisley print lends itself against that bohemian/mooccan feel and paired it which aclutch. Meghan had a dior clutch which was thousands. This is only about $40 so it pulls the whole look together. You can dress it up or flat sandals. Yes, exactly. We've got another look that you say is a tribute to princess Diana in '92 during her visit to the taj Mahal. This one is the one we'll bring out right now, less than $100. Less than $100. Yes. I love the color combination. Me too, it's really fun. Unexpected. And, again, it's unexpected for Meghan. We're used to seeing her in more muted color palettes but took a risk, not one but two of them but, again, this was really expensive. Her coat was a Canadian brand she's fond of but really expensive, close to $2,000. In outfit in the thousands and I found this from Amazon. Ened $40. What? Crazy, I know, right. I'm getting that. Even better so I found the dress from Amazon too. $16.97. You can't beat it. What? The shoes are from target. The whole look under $100 for the entire look. You look like a million bucks. The colors are lovely on you. So pretty. This is my staple on the weekend. Jeans and a blazer. Meghan loves to rock it as well. With some stilettos too. Come on out. This is her off-duty casual self but here she did a monochromatic look and paired it with a blazer. I found this blazer that looked just like it from the gap about $100, paired it with this mock turtleneck from banana republic. Jeans from old Navy, and the bag from target, under $40 and there you have it. You don't have to spend a ton of money. I'm ready to go shopping. Shop all these looks on our

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"Style expert Melissa Garcia shares how you can recreate some of Meghan's best looks at home, as the duchess prepares to celebrate her first wedding anniversary with Prince Harry.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63098322","title":"Duchess Meghan's showstopping year in fashion","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/duchess-meghans-showstopping-year-fashion-63098322"}