‘GMA’ Deals and Steals on Black-owned beauty brands and skin care tools

Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts for “GMA” viewers on products to help you turn back the clock.
8:14 | 07/30/20

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Transcript for ‘GMA’ Deals and Steals on Black-owned beauty brands and skin care tools
can't touch this It's time now for day two of our "Deals & steals" extravaganza. We are helping you turn back the clock with some incredible beauty bargains and Tory Johnson joins us with the amazing savings starting with deals that are from black owned beauty businesses so take it away, Tory. Good morning, Amy. I am excited about this lineup. We have great ones here. We by a cosmetic chemist, all his products are made in America and there's two big standouts. There's one that's a vitamin C skin refiner that is just great for bright skin, it's won more than a dozen big beauty award, beloved by editors then a brand-new moisture essence. It is 100% scale -- sqalene oil. All the products are 50% off and start at $20 and free shipping from beautystat. Then we move to footnanny. This is the beloved brand founded by Oprah's longtime personal pedicurist Gloria Williams. It's the most amazing solution to tired, sore, dry, cracked feet. You can slather it all over, put on a sock overnight and you wake up with the most fabulous feeling feet. There is a variety of scents. There's a reason why Oprah loves this woman and these products and today they are 50% off so they start at $24 and free shipping from footnanny too. Next product we have is innovative sun protection and the entrepreneur owner shontay Lundy from black girl sunscreen is joining us. What inspired you to create this product line. Yeah, good morning. I'm a woman of the sun and I love to travel. Since I couldn't find a sunscreen to rub into my skin completely, I decided to create my own. We are revolutionary sunscreen that has eliminated the white residue and "Gma" has helped me continue the conversation to black and brown women around the world. Yeah, that conversation, shontay, is so important to have. We know that so, Tory, tell us more about the product and the great deal we have. It's a really good deal. What I love is there is no residue. There is great nourishing ingredients and sunscreen is not just for the beach, it's for every day and this product makes that possible. It's slashed by 50% so $5 to $9.50 for the adult and kid options. Then we go to a great company called Nola skin care. This is all handcrafted screen cruelty-free made in America products. There's two I particularly love. There is a pumpkin mask that is incredible for polished beautiful skin. A jelly cleanser that is hydrating with cucumber and aloe. All of the products have very thoughtful ingredients. I love the whole collection is terrific and it's making its "Gma" deals debut slashed in half starting at $10.25. Then we go to glamazon beauty. A company founded by a makeup artist and it's all about foundations and lip color. There's a great blush pallet with good for your skin ingredients. A range of colors and options, 50% off. Today they start at $9. And the last one is a great company called temi. I'm excited to bring this one too making its "Gma" deals debut based on luxury and wellness combined. Again, all handcrafted. No harsh chemicals. There's a really beautiful radiance complexion mist. It's kind of a mist and toner in one that's just great for kind of radiant glow. There's a soothing elixir. It's a potion they like to call it with chamomile to calm skin. All of their products are -- fall into the elixir oil or complexion mist category. All 50% off so these start at $17.50. All right. Those are all very exciting deals. I think most of us will be on our computers in a bit. Thank you so much. Guess what, it's not over. We will have more turn back the clock deals with Tory in just a bit. In the meantime, coming up we have Emmy nominee Kerry Washington joining us live. Good morning. It is 8:27 on this Thursday, July 30th. I'm Mike marza. Topping headlines, officials in New Jersey say the growing number of coronavirus cases among Rutgers football players is linked to indoor parties. There are reports that one was held at Rutgers campus. As many as 15 team members have tested positive. The team has suspended work New Jersey has seen 2,000 new cases this week, setting the state back by a month's worth of progress. New this morning, con Ed is asking residents in the southern portion of Brooklyn to conserve energy. The voltage reduction covers more than 96,000 customers. Newscopter 7 was overhead as they worked to repair the equipment. They have reduced voltage by 8%. They're asked not to use large appliances and to reduce air conditioning use where possible, which, as we bring in Sam champion, that will be a tough deal today. We're talking about high heat. The heat index is a player combination of heat and humidity will make it feel like it is near 100 in a lot of the area today. Certainly 95 to 100 across the area. Prepare for that today. It is tough when someone asks you to keep your air conditioning down. 78 to 80 degrees. 79 in central park looking at northern numbers, hanging on to a 60. Clouds are not that big of an issue. There might be spot storms north. We'll check and see what is happening here as you go on sunrise highway. Eastbound near brentwood road, a ladder in the roadway. Use caution if you're heading out. Taking a look at the L.I.E. At the grand central parkway, that is an accident. 95 going south, exit 43, crash blocking two lanes. Residualal delays with the Morris and Essex line. Street cleaning rules are suspen Let's check in with Kelly Ripa to see what is coming up on live. Oh, do we have a show today. Are you ready? Eva Larue will be stopping by and we'll take you into outer that's right, outer space with the nasa astronauts from space X dragon. Also, a 15-year-old super hero, our good news story of the day. Back to you. All right, thanks, stick around for live with Kelly and Ryan in the next half hour. More of that's just the way you make me feel

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{"duration":"8:14","description":"Tory Johnson has exclusive discounts for “GMA” viewers on products to help you turn back the clock.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72071626","title":"‘GMA’ Deals and Steals on Black-owned beauty brands and skin care tools","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/gma-deals-steals-black-owned-beauty-brands-skin-72071626"}