'GMA' Deals and Steals: Must-haves for $20 and under

Tory Johnson brings discounts of up to 67 percent off on everything from wire-free lights for your home to baby accessories and even beauty products.
7:23 | 03/15/18

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Transcript for 'GMA' Deals and Steals: Must-haves for $20 and under
It's all less than $20 so let's get right to it. First up, this is all about light. Let there be light where there is no light. We have our big fancy display. There you go. Light in a dark area so if you have a hallway, closet, shed, attic, cabinet, anywhere you need some extra light but no opportunity for wiring or electricity, these are for you because they're simple sort of easy switches. Easy lights that go on and off. They mount very, very easily. You put on a hat. Like a miner. Or somebody who has to walk a dog at night or walk through a dark parking lot or if you're a miner, there you go. Normally 30 to $45 shall slaed by 50 to 67% so $15 per set. You get a lot. For the babies in the house. Zucchini. Look at that baby in a blanket. Adorable towels, blankets. Training pants they're called. Just a big assorted mix. Even more you'll find online. We love everything from zucchini. $12 to $38 all slashed in half. 6 bucks, 6 to $19. Okay, now headed over here. Tommy copper. So this is the leader in compression wear so we've got some of it modeled for you right there and then we've got just a huge assortment you'll find online for both men and women, tops, shorts, socks. This is their own -- their own patented technology that's got its antimicrobial. Anti-odor, you can breathe but also get that benefit of compression. Huge assortment on this. Debuting first time on "Gma." 19.50 to 49.50 all slashed by 50% to 60%. 9.75 to 20 bucks for your choice. Awesome. And then -- Okay. We're doing something a little fun. You'll help us. All holding something and help us. So that's your cue to put on your glasses. That's your cue. These right here for you. So, this is our second ever "Gma" discovery box and we're celebrating national's women's history month so all the products in this box for this particular month are designed by I like to say the brains, these are the brains behind the beauty. Beautiful products that we know and love for -- there's beauty products, kitchen, accessory, jewelry, a huge assortment. This isn't all of it. 11 different products. You have my favorite foster grant. You look amazing, rose gold. You dress for the occasion and one of my favorite, you get the glove treatment in here, 36.99 for the whole thing, plus free shipping. There's a lot of stuff in here. A lot of little surprises. Tory Johnson, we thank you. More "Deals & steals" coming up plus speaking of savings, the 5-year-old who wrote a book on finance. Her money secrets coming up on "Good morning America." Good morning, I'm Antoinette Antonio. We are just getting breaking details on a deadly crash in andover. State police now confirm a tow truck driver was killed in this crash on 495 southbound. He was a 41-year-old from north andover, two other people were also injured, at least five vehicles were involved in the crash. Students are preparing to protest gun violence at schools. Some schools could not take part in the nation-wide protest yesterday because of the snow storm that canceled classes across Massachusetts. Taking a live look outside over Boston. Not too bad of a start today, Cindy, after overnight snow. Yeah, the snow now gone, you can see the clouds are lingering but those will break um. Look at the temperatures, though, running on either side of freezing, so still black ice out there. Gusty winds going to make it feel colder but we jump up into the lower 40s. We'll get melting in. And 30s as we go through the weekend but it is dry, the next storm threat on Tuesday and Wednesday, the possibility of more snow. Let's go out to the roads. Busy out there if you are going west of town, we are watching a crash on 495 south. Another accident, this one 95 northbound by naponset street and on 128 a lane is closed here on the northbound side by E street, north of town another crash on 128 by route 3a, and 93 still heavy down to the lever connector and we have got delays for the middleborough and Kingston plymouth line, and 5 to 10-minute delays on the green line. All right, thank you, we'll see you back here for another update at 8:56. New TV, new speakers, Netflix. This is going to be the place for binge watching, ladies. Is it, ladies? Don't get me wrong, you have killer tech Mrs. D, but you still don't have Fios. Ok? Fios is a 100% fiber-optic network, literally engineered for streaming. Good advice. I've also got some ideas on a better cereal selection, which I will keep to myself. Experience Netflix on the 100% fiber-optic network made for streaming Switch to Fios and get a year ofnetflix on us with a two-year agreement. Welcome back to "Gma," everybody. Thank you guys for being here with us in times square. We really appreciate that. All right, I got a little topic here. I know it's early in the morning but I want to talk to you about late night snacking. We all have a little experience

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{"duration":"7:23","description":"Tory Johnson brings discounts of up to 67 percent off on everything from wire-free lights for your home to baby accessories and even beauty products. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53760683","title":"'GMA' Deals and Steals: Must-haves for $20 and under ","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/gma-deals-steals-haves-20-53760683"}