'GMA' Deals and Steals to make your summer sizzle

Tory Johnson is back with exclusive discounts on must-have products for the summer.
3:48 | 07/11/19

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Transcript for 'GMA' Deals and Steals to make your summer sizzle
and Tory is back with huge savings that start off at $5. Just $5, baby. So these adorable beach tote, very lightweight. Fun, we also have lightweight these amazing little kimonos to wear as a scarf. We have supermodels from the audience and walked in this morning. These girls are from gulfport, Mississippi, here for a girls weekend. I'm sorry, they're from where? Gulfport, Mississippi. They're from gulfport, Mississippi. And when they walked in I said we need you guys to model and realized we're in big, bad New York City, we can't say no. Normally $15 to $49, all of these slashed more than in half, 7.50 starting at. Next up, this is not your granny's fanny pack. Even though we have a model for this one -- perfect. Perfect. So ginger has everything in there. I have a lip gloss, a phone, I've got -- Oh, my. I have so much makeup in here. I don't know what I plan on doing with this. If she was out with her kids or on a cruise or at a concert to go hands-free and have confidence all of your stuff is right there, that's a good thing. Normally $34, today slashed in half, $17 and woman owned made in America. Woman owned made in America. Again, our model. Yes, our supermodel is still here. So Marlyn Schiff, after the show I'm buying these for Lara. Totally Lara's style, these kind of earrings, the beaded, enamel, everything from here is just awesome and lightweight. Normally $36 to $48, also slashed in half, 18 to $20. Big selection. Yes, okay. Thank thank you. Stay with us. Stay with us. Modgy. This is modern and edgy combined. A couple of things here. One is this awesome little dog bowl. I love this. You can just -- you can carry it just like this. As soon as you put water in illosoit, it's sturdy. Look at these, these little things here, drop one of these straight into that little luminary and it's a flameless -- it's a flameless light turned into a candle. You set the mood. Everything from this company is awesome. Lays flat but creates a mood, 10 to $15, today, $5 to $7.50. Wow. Always looking for Lucas. Lucas. Taking care of him. Imagine you just came back from a celebration with soccer stars and you'd like to have some champagne but amber wants wine, but it's a school night so you only are going to do a half a glass each. One glass. Okay, even one glass. Even one glass so then what do you do with the rest of the bottle? This allows you to preserve the bottle. It will keep the freshness, the quality, the taste for up to weeks and so it's an awesome way to preserve. Normally -- you choose wine or champagne. Normally $160, today slashed in half, $79 and free shipping. Free shipping. Finally, popcorn. That's all I need to say. Popcorn. Six quarts of popcorn and fun to watch and flip this over and eat it right out of the bowl. Normally $40. Today, 20 bucks. You've done it again. Wait a minute. We have partnered with all of these companies on these great deals. You can get them on our website and everyone here is going home with products from Marlyn Schiff

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"Tory Johnson is back with exclusive discounts on must-have products for the summer. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64260981","title":"'GMA' Deals and Steals to make your summer sizzle","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/gma-deals-steals-make-summer-sizzle-64260981"}