'GMA' Deals and Steals on Wheels: Nashville

Tory Johnson reports live from Nashville, Tennessee, bringing big discounts from local businesses.
8:10 | 05/04/18

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Transcript for 'GMA' Deals and Steals on Wheels: Nashville
And it has been one heck of a week, Tory Johnson has been all over the country. She's been to Pittsburgh, to Charlotte, to indy and to Atlanta and now she's finishing the week in music city right in front of the iconic lounge in downtown Nashville. Looks like you're loving Nashville. What's not to love about Nashville. This is the place where everybody knows how to work hard, play hard but here they do it with a lot of heart and I think that's what makes Nashville especially fabulous and you'll see that with all the businesses we're about to meet. Speaking of travel. Let me tell you, this is the destination Campbell series from southern firefly. They make these gorgeous candles started by the Ainsworth family. How did it start? We starred in our home kitchen six years ago and started a company we could grow with our children and just go from there. You certainly have done that. Big warehouse. All of niece candles are hand poured. Eco friendly wax right here in Nashville. These are all represent the 50 states. A place you love and want to be reminded, this is for you, right? Yes. Okay, so you also brought us a sensational deal. Like a little pun. Normally $30 but, Brandon, show us that discount. 50% off. $15 for your choice of southern firefly. You guys can't go wrong with these. They're spectacular. Okay, so speaking of a special place, this kind of fits in the same theme. If there is a person, a pet or a place that is particularly special to you, state love Giuliani is for you. These are beautiful pendants. I'm wearing one from my dog's nose. You can make it from fingerprints of a person you love or the state. Michael, I'm going to bring you home the kit and buy it for you so we can make you one for Enzo. I need one for Enzo. I love this and I know dprapts and Lori, you are there. Sweet story about how it started. Tell us about it. That's right, Michael. Several years ago my husband grant and our boys will and Henry wanted to make me a unique piece of Giuliani. Something I would treasure forever and so they developed this product and now I have a inland that has their fringe print, my most favorite piece of Giuliani. Everybody wanted to know where I got it so a few months later the business was started. You saved me a little state love, my home state of Texas and a heart out with the city of Houston. So I really appreciate that and a lot of people are missing home so you need things like this, so, Tory, what is a deal on something like this? Exactly. Exactly. So what I love about this particular company is Laura got a gift and grant got a business. And I think that's like so much fun because so many things either start at the kitchen table or they start from just a personal passion and something really fabulous comes from it. So all of these pieces are sterling silver so you can't go Wong and range from 60 to $110 but, will, show us that deal. 55% off. 55%. Choices from state love jewelry, 27 to $49.50. You cannot go wrong. Great business. The ideas, I'm over here smelling New York. Smells just like the city of that's all aisle saying. Tory has more deals coming up from Nashville and let me tell you they are all delicious. Mm-mm. Maybe something to eat. This is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief. Good morning. It is a 20 7 am. I am Ken Rosado and topping the headlines, developing right now, police investigating the shooting of a woman on the westbound side of route 33. No arrests have been made but county authorities are looking into if the shooting could be related to two other incidents in the area. News chopper was over the scene of the road has been reopened after it was closed for hours. Happening right now police are trying to track down a new Jersey mother and her 5-year- old daughter who vanished on the way to the airport. Ford left union township yesterday going towards Trenton mercer airport but they never boarded the airplane. The last known location was in union township near bear tavern road and Ford was driving a white acura MDX. New Jersey superintendent facing charges for going on campus. By going we mean number two. Investigators say that Thomas defecated on the track and football field at the high school on a daily basis. Not just once. Police set up surveillance and say that they caught him in the act on Monday. Heather has the commute. We saw this problem on I-80 with only the left lane open. Let's go to the maps and we will talk about the subway status. The trains have signal problems at Broadway, 80 going west exit 42 overturned dump truck spilled gravel all over the road. As a result you so that we'll have the left lane open. New Jersey transit between Trenton and Newark, service resumed but with delays. Street cleaning rules are in effect. Bill Evans has the we can accuweather forecast. More clouds today so we do not get to 90 but June 3 is about the time that we get 90 degrees. We are early. We had record high of 92 yesterday. The storm prediction center thinks that we can get a gusty thunderstorm towards the catskills, northwest New Jersey in a slight risk category this evening. 74 around Yonkers, 63 and 55 and so we will have clouds and showers. Sliding into the north and another batch will come in. That is this afternoon. Get ready for that this evening at tonight. T ??? this is going to be the best day of my life ??? Welcome back to "Gma." And we want to say happy Friday to our incredible audience here in our studio. And, robin, there's a little something special. It's the second episode of my digital series "Dressing room revealed" and you're going to love listening to this rising star. ??? I just want you to love me ??? ??? and I --

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{"duration":"8:10","description":"Tory Johnson reports live from Nashville, Tennessee, bringing big discounts from local businesses. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54932265","title":"'GMA' Deals and Steals on Wheels: Nashville ","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/gma-deals-steals-wheels-nashville-54932265"}