Great holiday gift deals from small businesses

With 34 days until Christmas, Tory Johnson is here with "GMA" exclusive deals and holiday gifts ideas.
4:32 | 11/21/20

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Transcript for Great holiday gift deals from small businesses
Deals and steals and they've got me situated between these mannequins seemingly designed to accentuate my vertical challenges. This will only help you name in her desire to brand me as Peewee. By the way it is 34 days till Christmas and Tory Johnson is here with some great gifts. They're all made by small businesses hi Tori so let let's start with that. Winter as it as demonstrated by my tolerance than me now back here. So we put you there because you remind us of all things that are comparable and that is exactly what this company is all about. This shirk from clover accompanying these scenes that really incredible sharp black. Rollovers pants that's you name it at big assortment. And what's great is those pants sing is Steve parent there actually reversible. It's a unisex holiday can't sit there's sharp on one side and then a final holiday print on the others that you cannot go wild at your leisure. All of these are 50% are huge huge assortment that you'll find line starting at 24 dollars. And when this next product years you're never have to worry about pulling another wine cork out again how does this thing work. Yes that core man is a wine preservation system where the needle goes straight through the court you poll. The trigger and you're able to pour a sick of the last as much did you want so there's no more debating if one person want to read the other wants white one wants cheap one want to engage everyone can have what they want without wasting. A bottle without wasting a stick and it preserves the wine per as long as necessary days weeks and years. At that same taste as it would be when he pulled a port scratched. These systems are off summit there are very popular today there 50% ops and they started 200 dollars and free shipping. These are not issues that I've ever faced when I have an idea makes co workers over the house they'll drink anything literally. Anything though ask. This next item is Sunday for all the tech fans on your list. It's not just tech fans but anyone who has up phone and a screen at Scott germs and dirt on it or fewer glasses well kept as a woman owned company in Huntsville Alice Alabama. This is a made in America products you get these same points and talent let us. You get six packs and needs with our deal so there's ninety towel and then like today. Stay yes this is a really great stocking Stoppard people Lawler divvy them up among people because you'll get ninety outlets for eighteen dollars it's a debt wasn't. Okay we're gonna move on now to larger panels that apparently these notes were featured aren't shark tank. What makes them the next level stands clapped. It doesn't great great company their meat from organic Turkish hot and there's both towels and blankets so depending on your size preference. They're really soft they ride quickly and they're just think got a great deal to them a beautiful dean this company also has agreed to give back for marine conservation. All the biggest heart and that you'll see outline is at least 50% off and they start at twenty dollars. What's next. The next understanding it you don't want to hire this next one's for you Tom and Sherry is it's called iron in a bottle. We still have to look good for those zoom meetings and so if you've got a rain easily shirt you simply. Spraying shake smooth and you are good to go out it will look like it was fractionally higher. This deal includes a five packs of five the small bottles that are perfect for everybody twenty dollar. Then damn I'm jumping ahead regarding the crescent sock company they called themselves though softness Sox. In the world and they are really nearly nearly saw death Sox always make great gifts everybody needs and it is just doesn't lovely assortment from. From this company I'm really good assortment and plus hats and scarves and that is well really terrific prices continue with our deal they range from five dollars and then we are ending with warning maintained her this money is started by two kids who were tired of seeing. Or any follow up their Christmas tree and break so they created is teeny little attachment that gets on any warning its. That will make it stay on the ransom no more broken ornaments white and I think that it is a set of 24 today for 1250. Beautiful story thank you so much and we should tell you would partner with all the brands on these deals you can get them on our website Good Morning America dot com and you can find more than two dozen bonus deals and Tories holiday gift guide there as well.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"With 34 days until Christmas, Tory Johnson is here with \"GMA\" exclusive deals and holiday gifts ideas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74333487","title":"Great holiday gift deals from small businesses","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/great-holiday-gift-deals-small-businesses-74333487"}