Kim Jong Un arrives in Vietnam for summit

President Donald Trump is expected to bring a message to Kim that North Korea can become an economic powerhouse if it gives up its nuclear weapons.
2:30 | 02/26/19

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Transcript for Kim Jong Un arrives in Vietnam for summit
President Trump's high stakes summit with North Korean leader leader Kim John un will take place Kim arrived in Vietnam hours ago president from. Touching down later this morning America's demand that North Korea denuclearization the center of at all. Our chief White House correspondent John Karl is there and annoyed with the latest good morning John. Good morning Robin the president arrives here later this morning for his second face to face meeting with Kim Jong-un. And he is uncharacteristically. Downplaying expectations. It was an armored train that brought North Korean dictator Kim Jong Hoon to Vietnam. A two day journey via rail because North Korea's old and battered aircraft are just not up for the nearly 3000 mile trip. Kim was all smiles in his red carpet welcome. Making his way through the crowds before taking off in his motorcade with the wave surrounded by his body guards. President trump is due to arrive at Hanoi shortly would mounting political and legal challenges back home he's looking for a big moment on the world stage. We have a special feeling. And I think it's gonna lead to something very good and maybe not I think ultimately it will but maybe now. Trump's message to Kim North Korea its economy crushed by sanctions can become an economic powerhouse. If you give up your nuclear weapons. I think it can be really one of the great. One of the great financial and economic countries anywhere in the world so I tell them that should but he can't do that if you gonna keep nuclear if you do nuclear that can't ever happen. President trump is counting on his personal relationship with Kim to get the ultimate deal how in the back and points. And then we fell in love ten. How highly he roughly beautiful letters. I get great class. We fell in love. But the president's own top intelligence advisors have repeatedly said North Korea is unlikely to give up their nukes. The regime is committed to developing a long range nuclear. Armed missile and then that would pose a direct threat and to the United States. While the president has great faith that his personal relationship with Kim Jong-un. We'll convince him to do with the intelligence community says that he won't do and give up. His nuclear weapons he is now saying he is in no rush to make that happen as the president said before he set out to Vietnam quote. As long as there is not testing I am happy George lot of uncertainty that John okay thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"President Donald Trump is expected to bring a message to Kim that North Korea can become an economic powerhouse if it gives up its nuclear weapons.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61320813","title":"Kim Jong Un arrives in Vietnam for summit","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/kim-jong-arrives-vietnam-summit-61320813"}