RetailMeNot announces mega savings event

“Rebound with RetailMeNot” features more than 100 brands such as Best Buy, Sephora and Nike offering exclusive deals and up to 20% cash back.
3:24 | 07/16/20

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Transcript for RetailMeNot announces mega savings event
A lot of stores are offering deep discount, some of the biggest savings of the summer and Rebecca Jarvis is back with more. Have you an at a big savings event from the website retailmenot. Reporter: Good morning, Amy. That's right. It is a very good time to be a shopper. After stores were closed for so many months, retailers now have a huge amount of merchandise on their hands. Everything from beauty products to clothes, to accessories, home decor and electronics and that means they are hoping to entice you to become a big shopper this summer. This morning, if you missed those fourth of July sales, don't worry. As summer rolls on, so do the savings. From Home Depot. It's summer savings at the Home Depot. Reporter: To Google. Google store presents the daily special. A whole month of daily deals. Reporter: Retailers offering deals all month as many brands try to unload excess inventory from the covid-19 shutdown, consumers should be on the lookout for extra discounts through the end of the year. Kicking off a week from today, another huge savings event, rebound with retailmenot. More than 100 brands including Best Buy, sephora and Nike offering exclusive deals and up to 20% cash back. Overstock, one of those brands offering the 20% back. Spend $99 on this new wave air fryer and get $19 back. And 16% back at bass pro shops, buy this yeti cooler for 249 and pocket about $39. To take advantage of the four-day sale head to to score cash back. Through PayPal or venmo. Honey is a great resource to use while you shop. A browser extension. You download it onto your computer and automatically applies coupons codes for you at checkout. Something great for groceies is ibotta. If you're wondering what's the best discount, what are the biggest discounts right now? They are on clothes especially from the winter and spring seasons. Patriotic things, anything that was big for the fourth of July is now heavily discounted but you can hold off on swimwear and outdoor furniture. That tends to go on sale even bigger in the month of August. Rebecca, I can't believe I'm about to ask you this but with the big changes with covid should people actually be thinking about buying Christmas presents right now? Reporter: You know, it's funny, we oftentimes hear about Christmas in July because we tailers want to invent advise people to start shopping now for christmastime. One thing that is different this year is because stores have been shut down for so long, their supply chains are different and so getting things out quickly has been a harder thing for many of the bigger retailers, some of the smaller individual independent stores on etsy, for example, have managed to get things out quickly. Here's what I would say. If you only want to shop in store, you might consider doing it now because the stores are open. We don't know what the future entails. All right, Rebecca Jarvis, as always, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"“Rebound with RetailMeNot” features more than 100 brands such as Best Buy, Sephora and Nike offering exclusive deals and up to 20% cash back.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71814893","title":"RetailMeNot announces mega savings event","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/retailmenot-announces-mega-savings-event-71814893"}