Stylish wedding looks for under $250

'GMA' style guru Jessica Mulroney shares bridal looks for the whole party on a budget, live on 'GMA.'
6:39 | 06/12/19

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Transcript for Stylish wedding looks for under $250
Give it up for Jessica. Hello. Love it when she's here. She knows it's wedding season. So many are hoping to stay on a budget. This morning, Jess has bridal bargains, dressing a bride, dressing a groom and some of the most important guests with great looks for under $250. You like that? I know you love that. You do. I'm loving a good bargain. You don't sacrifice style. No, no and I will give you an inside tip. Weddings are really expensive. Like, really expensive. If you can save money on the fashion and still look fabulous, you're winning the wedding game. That's right. Let's start with two guests. This is for the wedding guest. The wedding guest. You get invited to a few weddings in a summer. So here is what I found. Come on out. These are guests at the wedding. Guests at the wedding. You have to keep in mind, finding outfits you can wear over and over again. The yellow lace dress. Great style for any wedding, outdoor, or at the office with a Jean jacket. You change up the accessories, it's great. My favorite part, shoes and the dress, $139. Very proud of yourself. I am. And you know, I am always -- And this gentleman? I feel bad for men in the summer when they have to wear suits. It's hot. I really do. Finding a great linen suit in a great light color, there is nothing wrong with that. You will be wearing it years and years and years. And guess what. How much? Shoes, suit, shirt, $249. Nice. I like the no socks. That is no socks. Don't waste money on sacks. Thank you. Thank you. Enjoy your wedding. Yeah, enjoy. All right. Two very important guests, the mom of the groom and the bride. Some may say it's also their day. We don't say it out loud. Let them come out. The mothers of the bride and groom coming out. See what -- they don't want to be in the same color. Right. So the rule -- the rule is mother of the bride chooses the color and the mother of the groom will choose another one. The mother of the bride goes first and I found this Navy dress. Navy is a classic look. A lot of times mothers want their arms covered. In the summer that is difficult. A sheer sleeve is a great option. This a flattering style. It is. And the mother of the groom, the va va voom classics. And are you ready? The price tag. $149 on And $199 at Kleinfeld bridal. You can wear them again and again different occasions. Congratulations. All right. The groomsmen and the bridesmaids. Very, very important. You know, always a bridesmaids. Never a bride. I heard that. And if you are going to be a bridesmaid, you may as well-being wearing this dress. It's beautiful. It's pretty, right? Okay. I love these looks because you have to invest when you're a bridesmaid and a groomsman. You might as well find something you can wear again. This bridesmaid is wearing a blue color. She is the something blue. She looks great. My favorite part of it, $99. At Kleinfeld bridal party. And the full seat, the black three-piece suit. It's a little different. He is rocking it. Shoes, suits, vest, the whole fit is $214 from H and M. All right. Thank you to everybody and now the bride and groom. Bridget and Greg getting married in Connecticut next year. Can the bride and groom please join us in -- oh. Hello. Oh, look. It's beautiful. Thank you. So, I have to say, brides and grooms do not want to be spending as much as they used to on the outfits. They want to spend on a new home, paying off student loans. There is fabulous, affordable fashion. This a trendy two piece bridal grown from A&M. I found it with the shoes, $193. Have you ever heard of a price like that? And the guy? And gorgeous blue suit. With a Navy bow tie. He's never won a tuxedo. Made me so excited and the shoe, from H and M, $202. First, you all look very stunning. Now, Jessica is so -- she has a big heart and she knows it's tough that you are on a budget so she has a surprise for your You guys are really wonderful and I can't not do something. So I thought maybe I would sends to you my favorite place on a honeymoon on me. You are -- Where are they going? You're going on a five-night stay at the ritz-carlton, my favorite place in the cayman islands. It's so fantastic. The food is amazing.

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{"duration":"6:39","description":"'GMA' style guru Jessica Mulroney shares bridal looks for the whole party on a budget, live on 'GMA.' ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63654695","title":"Stylish wedding looks for under $250","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/stylish-wedding-250-63654695"}