Tory Johnson shares the best deals for skin care

So many great deals from brands like Patchology, Silk'n and StriVectin.
3:56 | 12/07/19

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Transcript for Tory Johnson shares the best deals for skin care
Yeah, that's right. I'm so excited about this. Time for "Deals & steals." It's skin care Saturday. Tory Johnson is here to help you fight that dry winter skin with some sensational savings. Good morning, Tory. We were all also saying you can treat yourself or someone you love. Good stocking stuffers. These are great stocking stuffers. We're starting first with strivectin. This is definitely like treat yourself on strivectin. 17 years of skin care experience goes into this brand. Two standouts, this one, this amazing eye cream that is all about under eye area. We all have that. And then there's also their moisturizer is amazing that specifically targets a lot of the issues that -- the telltale signs of aging, so wrinkles, dehydration. All of those things that sometimes you need many, many products to do, this is all in one. Winter makes it worse. Yeah. What's the deal on this one? I love this. These range from 29 to $139. Today it is slashed in half so it's going to start at 14.50 and from strivectin, free shipping. That's amazing. This next set, this is giving me all the feels. The masks. All the feels. They say fun things, these masks, just let it glow, foot treatments, eye treatments. Patches and masks are really fun. Also great stocking stuffers because everybody loves these kind of things and these are good for even just ten minutes of downtime. Relaxation, just to give you a little me time is what I love about patchology. Normally $10 to $40, everything from patchology is also slashed in half. $5 to $20 and free shipping from patchology too. Okay, so face, body taken care of, right? Hair. Cannot make your hair look bad. It's a 10 is a great brand. It was started by a stairstylist. If your hair is just damaged in general, if it needs a little winter kind of pick-me-up for shine, for beauty because everyone has fun things going on for the holiday, it's a 10 is a great collection for you. We've got a big range. Even more than just what you see here. These range from 18 to $38. But, of course, today it's skin care Saturday. They are slashed in half, so it starts at 9:00. This is fun. This smells so nice. This is a fun one. It's rinse, bath and body. I pulled out a couple of things. This is their pomegranate skin stick. So smell it. It smells good. What's awesome about that if you've got dry spots, cuticles, elbows, everything from this company is small batch, made in Georgia and it's designed to revitalize your skin. Bath balms, essential oils, you name it. Normally $7 to $26 slashed in half starts the $3.50. Amazing. Now, we're going into something serious. What is this tool? This is a hair removal device. This little thing emits flashes that will kill the hair follicle right at the root so it doesn't grow back. And so this is about permanent air removal right in the comfort of your own home. It can be very expensive to go into a place to have it done. You can do it yourself and the fda cleared this device. Amazing. It's a good device. And it's a really good deal. Normally $299. Today it is slashed in half, it is 149.50 and free shipping from them. All kinds of half-off deals. Lastly, our nails. Don't look at my nails. They're not done. Debrah lippmann has you covered. Celebrity manicurist, the most awesome color, her gel lab pro collection designed to give you a gel-like look without damage to your nails. Addicted to speed. Best top coat ever. All her products are terrific. They're normally 12 to 99. Because we have a lot of big sets, not just individual polishes it's all slashed in half starting at $6 and free shipping from Deborah lippmann, too. We partnered with all these companies on our website. Thank you very much. Go shopping today. Right now. Coming up "Parents" magazine announcing the best baby gear for 2020.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"So many great deals from brands like Patchology, Silk'n and StriVectin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67564897","title":"Tory Johnson shares the best deals for skin care ","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/tory-johnson-shares-best-deals-skin-care-67564897"}