Tory Johnson shares great deals on items with free shipping

Here are some great deals from companies like Omaha Steaks, Brandless and Spotlight Oral Care.
4:10 | 11/28/20

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Transcript for Tory Johnson shares great deals on items with free shipping
Now to "Deals & steals." With the holidays right around the corner, what's better than free shipping? Tory Johnson is bringing us sensational savings. Tory, good morning to you. The first one here, great way to save big and eat well. Tell us about it. Yes, Omaha steaks, it is a very welcome gift. Food, that is, this holiday season, so you can have a really hearty feast for any family. They've put together a variety of packages for us with all of the favorites, so there's rib eyes, boneless pork chops, chicken breast, meatballs, sausages, potatoes, their famous caramel apple tartlets, you name it. Huge packages, they start today at $160 and free shipping on all of it. Okay, what's next? Next, brandless, this is a company that makes good products that are accessibly priced. So we've got six bundles that are either great for gifting to yourself or giving to somebody else because they'll be able to put it to use. There's a cleaning bundle, tableware, there are knives, kitchen utensils, grilling, sort of all kinds of curated sets. Best of all, they're slashed in half. Today they start at $19.50 and free shipping. And you left me with a tray of knives. What could possibly go wrong in the studio here? All right, you also have some gorgeous jewelry to tell us about. What do we have? Yeah, this is a great company called Catherine Weitzman, they're based in Hawaii. Local artisans there make all of these products. Typically they thrive on tourism that's been decimated because of the covid crisis, so it's an amazing opportunity to get real pressed flowers, natural crushed gemstones in their glass chambers. They've got so many different shapes, their birthstone collection, really, really beautiful pieces, and terrific savings because today your choice is $39 and free shipping and you get to help that small business. Perfect. I've got some relatives in Hawaii. We'll see what happens. Also, you've got some other things, some great ways to treat yourself this holiday season. Yeah, Margot elenea, this is a collect of indie beauty brands beloved by Oprah who says when you come into my bathroom you will see something from Margot elenea because the packaging is exquisite and the products are even more delightful. We have all of their brands today with so many options from hand creams to bubble baths, beautiful soaps, something that anybody would enjoy, especially because it fits, you don't have to worry about sizing. These prices today range from $1.50 to $13.75 and again, free shipping. Great, and we also we've got some deals on things that will make you smile. Tell us about it. Yeah, will make your smile a little bit brighter. This is a company that is founded and run, products are created by dentists, so practicing dentists who really know best, and what's great is two different options. One is a whitening kit. The other is their sonic toothbrush. The toothbrush is a great, very practical gift again for yourself or somebody that you love because it is great for cleaning, helping to prevent gum disease, to improve gum health and as well as removing stains, and what I like best about this particular one is there's a 70-day battery, so you're not going to have to charge it every single day, which gets a little bit draining. Everything is slashed in half. $25 to $75 and free shipping. Love that and finally a simple way to stay stylish. What do you got for us? Yes, this is a great small business called skinnytees in Michigan. They've got all kinds of classic tanks and camis that fit and flatter every particular figure. And they've got some new things, velvet tops, silky tops, and what I love about this is you can be comfortable at home even if you're not going anywhere but you can still feel good and look good for the holidays, everything is slashed in half, it starts at $14 and free Love it. Tory, thank you so much as always.we've partnered with all of these brands on these deals, and you can get them on our website, And you can find more than two dozen bonus deals there as well in Tory's holiday gift guide Tory, thanks again. We appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"Here are some great deals from companies like Omaha Steaks, Brandless and Spotlight Oral Care.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74435873","title":"Tory Johnson shares great deals on items with free shipping","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/tory-johnson-shares-great-deals-items-free-shipping-74435873"}