Bachelor Breakdown: Fantasy Suites drama

Madison's ultimatum, Victoria's mystery object and more when Wells Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe break down the show.
10:20 | 02/25/20

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Transcript for Bachelor Breakdown: Fantasy Suites drama
See you know what. That kind hearted bachelor breakdown last night Peter continued his journey to find love with this final three bachelor rats. Here to talk us through it all our bachelor nation stars weld Adams and Caitlin brits down. Well. Start out you're dating one of the another bachelor nation favorite Jason charted hits. And you were just in buffalo Iowa needless first time some of his family up from. I want big you don't do I have any better. Suddenly you finally Dyer county aren't I ate my oyster Buffalo's I'm feeling good. I'm yeah. I don't yeah. It's fantasy suite week my favorably yeah. And you aren't I did. Let's get into the clip hit. It's. Next week Stewart Cink doesn't feel like heavy really hard for me thank. Room. Think really they can move forward in its. It averages they did they spend the night someone. Else is that so that he can do. I don't think we're really just an Paul and I don't mean this think congress isn't in this time. Think they need to their. I mean like actions speak. Just. OK yeah. What is hilarious. She still doesn't tell him you know that scene it was a virgin insane herself in marriage but she kind of gives him what you could seem like an ultimatum but. Any kind of stay because portion goat. In love with someone until now the level of intimacy that she is not going to be involved and I feel like I understand why she senate but also give why he wouldn't. Yes consent it's confusing right like I would assume if I was not a position that no. No none of the girls and want me to sleep the other girls' lives I really get out yet I totally get it way but also like doesn't seem like his scars getting worse. Could not things don't battle against like figure and. Yeah. I'm to me I was like Peter tennis squash that his watch at his look at it what do you say we take him to be like okay what do you mean by that and he's clearly I don't know but he I he clearly still doesn't know Ruiz thinking. I've been there he acted you don't take all the relationships to the necessary levels of figure it out. It's not like it is in the real world I don't why wouldn't want to really a hidden it's not the real world counsel need be ready yeah. Make anything you know they flew to Australia Hannah and had the first date it seemed to go pretty well moves to what did you guys take from it. Yet such as the winner of apple and I'll play good luck to the other girls. Yeah fat. My shower silhouettes Scituate. An eight. I would like to hand goes up Clayton in his lies in only me that's been produced an hour. I put on the first time in batchelor has. And women are all living together so when he an apple and comes back from her date it was. Word casino least let's let startled look. Headache of and in doing really well you know. Now excited. All. If not bubbling everyone is did you sleep of them but what comes out of their mouth is. Did you get clarity did you sleep with him yeah he did it like they know they want and I don't. But what did you think of the idea of the women all living together it's great TV yeah it's. Yeah they don't like like that was funny and awkward but my favorite part of that moment is when they all got there and they were like. So how was your hometown and editorials like it was fine yeah. It was not hot again. Victoria community and to help neck and still didn't need clarity only nation was really guilty breaking up relationships are not immune. And and she gets a pat I don't know how that keeps happening. Death I have no words I don't know how she's. I'm here but I mean she's mean and she's good TV yeah. Singing is like our our relationship is so good except. For the communication. Part. Everything that's yeah what are. No he had everything is great except we talked yeah. I'm up at the moment I couldn't get into the senate. I'd never think to be whatever touted together. They they argued a we have some underlying tension there well Peter say they bid through so much together. I don't really are. And he among big highlight our passion. That I actually very unhealthy yeah. They'll do what do you make of them know every time they come together in those seen in the final three they can't seem to get all of the same page do you think she's still problem. Now would you move policy though there yeah. Saying you're never tell because she is filled. If he keeps bringing are often ask if. Guaranteed is in no time didn't says he's we did right now loved left heading to get that the event this week. Hussein yet still starting right out of the gates we got there's only a little bit of a conspiracy thing going on so. I don't know if you guys noticed that the fans are trying to figure out Victoria there's a picture of Victoria hugging Peter and she got something in her hand. I noticed that when he does things we worry about it. There are theories that it is his bullying is you know his little. Between. Have you nice deck dabbled into this commerce C I got to the bottom of this 10 yeah. Great source a message to Victoria slid endured the end and I said what are you holding AG said manhunt LT. Okay. You dream last night when I need Larry and but barring a night now that English doesn't want its capacity him after this pitchers usually not. Yeah don't run inning of bad fantasies we have some people have on seen it yet another. Here are discussing if he'd been there's this. The best seen with her that when Madison finally gets heard eight. It intimate with other women it was uncomfortable. For everyone involved take a look. I got. No house to do this but I think I'll just be very honest and I won't give any details but I. I have been into it. And I can't lie about that. It's easy. Mainly through music. Clinton I need. For instance think. Still all what are your thoughts on this commerce each and. I don't Baltimore was closed because that's going. You got a couple times all all brilliantly I still into an I just. To me I'd just feel like the conversation this is that such a gray area I still don't understand like Wyatt and wasn't a more clear conversation between the two of them. And if she said she couldn't do it adjacent just walk away and that moment she's like maybe I'll stay out it's like he savored Annabel gun show him re yeah. Get a good we have flash he had loop he did this to Hannah yes. So is Madison and doing the same vain to Peter and they're double standard. A little about its on the delivery Olympia delivery was different than have us that you in my yeah everyone hated him you know several. He has a temperate. He'd ever sold Madison doesn't walk away and we don't really know what's going to happen next but we think that she really walked off letter and to determine if only it wasn't like that came by and done it was like us who are being called by the producer on the walk away hence it'll dramatic so that we're all coming in the next week. We'll. Also being that she shouldn't told him before this week that she was saving herself for Mary yeah. Whether you choose to engage in intimacy or not it it is a big part of long term and let's listen where he came from the windmill like we we know he's not a virgin and the more time there on that block our. Don't you think I ask you who you think is going home as a public and then in the Aniston well. I don't I don't think. Look at think victorious gonna go yeah but then I don't you tell you that the DN. I cannot confirm nor deny it but I also think he's not gonna pick anybody until we watch the finale. That yeah my prediction okay it but who do you think if she goes home the two who'll be good that's red. But he still at a theory so tell us once again you know how it appears moms like it. And actually noticed we got old and still the only woman who met her. Is nannies she got that first one on it. Like that about as I like yes you think this week so nice. Think this I think out of landing if it's sure not I think that Mattie leaves. And then that her his mom but. They decide it. Between Hanna and ends Matty yeah yeah. Okay. Now the second limited overs though you know what senator. Oh yeah. Well I think the well banking went in he has so much for me here.

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{"duration":"10:20","description":"Madison's ultimatum, Victoria's mystery object and more when Wells Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe break down the show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69205009","title":"Bachelor Breakdown: Fantasy Suites drama","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/bachelor-breakdown-fantasy-suites-drama-69205009"}