Chrissy Teigen on Beyonce, John Legend shirtless and her strangest tweets

The queen of Twitter is here to explain some of her out-of-context posts.
11:18 | 02/20/20

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Transcript for Chrissy Teigen on Beyonce, John Legend shirtless and her strangest tweets
She hello Larry what's in the model still an arc that fellow opera. And cool social media have banks please yeah. Yeah yeah. Well it's. C has been yeah. Yeah. It didn't hear and it's really got it out you a lot on mission. So getting up behind me have you on this count. But what is times we're talking about drinking game. Down and drink up guy. Now it was we knew I. Dana chains Netflix show yeah you talked about the weirdest thing you weighty yeah or you say that four fellow click here. If the person hope Kate it's. I would need human. If you weren't very you see restaurants and they were like a tiny piece of human needs not room I think the whole way Elliott try and tiny bite. No really absolutely mountain. Yeah when you couldn't get. David yeah. Let's let us yeah yeah. I said the icy sagged visibly gonna go over well. Yeah really eat human I want audience. And about bodies exhibit downgrade. That that mean I feel like it means everything like that everything has been eaten and fine dining. What's one thing that hasn't been served bloody body part would you meet like I feel like I need something like that like I'm yeah. He passed away. Naturally. I would get I would give you a piece of my arm. And he had no knowledge it. You know they say they're just ninety. OK. Yeah. You know but let's not in his past. Did coolers and her husband Johnny to the Tribune yes to your unique Seton don't know until you meet your UK for you obviously. You hate your feet that you love me not fight about that actually make always the heat one trillion TK how many is that elitism and funny about to see it does I hope. I bet that's a real funny TL it something that like. I putting contracts for years and years and years that I would not have my feet out and I did you know I don't know how you all doing the hand though he put two field blast. Right now. What the unique. Physical attributes of him you aren't I would say I would never do this. Part of that was that was that I was like I would never did this TO. And that became he's teasing us back I didn't and making him feel about is so sad but making a puppy it's like kicking a puppy. It. Was as solid sadness. My attention. It giant. Yeah every part of everybody John put massive things and John and my feet we go what obviously all of us go way back. Curtis caught coming up we know he never even thought they weren't weird and so he really does like my feet which is very special house. And it we're. Popcorn as dominant named the sexiest man alive as he didn't tweet about it innocence and that we have got. And now. He's got animals and his gotten his title at what's it like now we won't. Said he is doing X. And appearances places like he did you know lady does what goes on talk shows and things that he's not wearing a shirt underneath and they. If there's any car like his car dressing differently right have you noticed say yeah. Yeah. I don't know he's really owning and aware shirt and usher the yeah so that's what's happening there I love your new site creeping thank you don't mind and your whole family is always indicate yes mom especially moms working on a cup but right now to use you know it really rent and if you thought about doing a reality channel. Ideal. I'm too scared and in the things that I say on a daily basis he. Yeah. I want against rob hard every year it kind of plays out on your social need yet I mean my mom would loved to have a show I know that but I I don't think it ever be like a housewife for I would just now it's just scary and to watch yourself I don't know watching people talk crap about Gil watching that value. Oh I would try like I'm pretty sensitive type I talk. I'm I'm sensitive secretary is on. But Ewing John you don't lot of house party three got a lot of who have been there you have a lot of reality stars there that's a problem with doing for our advice. Anybody need to a yet before yet he came to birthday party hello hello hello John Johnny and I don't or big fortieth birthday yeah but. Have you movie rowdy list guests who merely head. A lot of it's not me I thought I had the craziest things I might I. I like while oil beyond the water slide outside was like canola oil that I felt on the stairs like I mean I did assets public under. Lot of panic on the kids and they can't yeah I don't I just want an adult real fast ten. You recently posted an apology to be positive that does I'll wonder locals belonged to ease it. Yeah say. Anyway what you read I'm hasn't felt I starent Hewitt don't talk and Julius alarm as the slave understand. We got really thank you so much looks and we just I I I I think she can Disney staring outer. Like weather and a large shower party and you know when normal be glad parties you grew up and you thanked them for and that the in my but it. When she and the party audit. Father really an SLI that this being like. And caring manner and then wanting to anchor the but not wanting to bother her Simon that's like weird. Position all the time never know what to do never knowingly desire to have a good. Yeah I just reached out that what we I was just a thank you for the and ice we know yeah I am beyond these few lucky now. Hot putting going to be thinking for the invite you. You have none now. Miles is for handling this two room and you just teamed up with camper and yes into a partnership can you tell yeah imported peppers Chile have for a long time now but basically with this collaboration we are doing. That's I share the love campaign want everyone to share the love on social media and just pump each other up uplift teacher Leonard M yes men. Then. Nine out of ten moms don't feel like they're doing a good enough job everybody's really really tough on themselves. I'm 89%. Our own worst enemy is like yeah sell hard on ourselves and not to mention the stuff we read about each other written. You know everyone thinks they're doing. Everyone thinks that they're right in the way that their parenting or at everyone thinks there's a right answer and there just isn't zone and there's a million. His skin a cat a good way to Houston. But there's a million different ways to do either isn't land for ways to be an amazing parent to yeah. I'm okay would be a good tweets you're no we can't be here to. I'd like you live is my first time. But time and moved and one just 280 campus to find out the context behind them. Play a little bit gaunt quizzing explains in all I'll. And they won't stop because they had heard from looking let me. Then I haven't been arrested reckless but lucky yeah. Doesn't mean are we going around I was so. I was so I just and in Vegas and I wasn't feeling well when I got home. So there is it mingling around it was like add up your points. If you like it away it was like have you been skydiving have you ever been at you know when we let you know I got one quiet on mine and not basing my had been arrested. But I forgot to post the pictures that make no sense and I just announced that have been arrested. I was I want to have a rally eventually I imagine I said now that the next we will take this one I accidentally emailed to entire school. Asking little on his boyfriend is invited just turn teachers because she didn't know his name to I'm not I'm got a lawyer. Is it Andrew by the way in I'm. OK and. You know anti meg and her boyfriend but just like each other but. The dark although it's so QB I emailed. Yeah I a mud that LA's school and the Santa Monica school. Six quite as Diane Lane I was went looking on behalf for the feast is to fight I mean that matched a little less pressing all. Tomorrow and I'm I'm always on fresh schools and I can best. That left one okay. And that's when that's a move anyway. I can't sleep without being overly full. I take to heart blood eight to bed every night eat them when I randomly wake up and he used to be beef jerky but I'll wake up to puppy. Urine so your Knight gave bit to get a big topic want to put you carry it still bad. Not what they did not was everyone's like and fire at them like. Harding and back ahead yeah. Ice and it sounds though Arnold thanks John good sleep through anything clearly is yes but yeah I bring. Mind to unite and that cut the mint half original song pat Braylon and wake up to go PR wake up just it to check my phone or sending even handbags can do it all but that means what you do you have to prepare a duel that might put. Like I'm well it does and on every Monday sent home on the hunt we will get a gift for you. Little did I do any. Right yeah. No it does not boil it. Well I'm paying more earlier gave me you didn't have good luck don't really. Yeah. Happy yeah. Holiday yeah and I love the back in the. Everything about everything about this is I don't know my dad and I admit. I don't happy if we we we we loved I look at you you bring set island ill loved him Iger and everything else. All they moms out there because there are more than one way to be apparently we are not Smart enough to know events and security would shed a loved one at bankruptcy again.

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{"duration":"11:18","description":"The queen of Twitter is here to explain some of her out-of-context posts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69102042","title":"Chrissy Teigen on Beyonce, John Legend shirtless and her strangest tweets","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/chrissy-teigen-beyonce-john-legend-shirtless-strangest-tweets-69102042"}