This crochet expert is only 12 years old

Jonah Larson tells Sara Haines how he's helping others through his craft.
7:44 | 07/02/20

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Transcript for This crochet expert is only 12 years old
Haiti every 1 I am so excited because that day I am joined by twelve year old sell. Rosh ate at a T. And just a horrible meeting human being Joseph or Joan alerts and not only a crushing a wizard but also of its owner author and only enter. He's here to tell us about how giving back during a pandemic east welcomed the amazing William crack at Joan alert. Jonah it is selling day in the Eli here you can crow Shea and chat with out looking down at what your dearly. Well I don't. Our. You are self taught encroached day how you getting. Out. And honest. Gave me an occasion leaned abandoned craft items and their rules are. All in. And there are shiny metal roll. And then when mom and slid it. Into plumbers chain. And her mom pushing. She knows how an army Graham. In May pretty mummy news La. All now you started to hate that news Gail and can encroach competition when you where dairy aisle while with eight. Here. In Erie and and all well and you into an all birds next year. I senate higher than anyone. Keen ribbons next year. End and now and next year. I'm really want me royally. That's because it uses a tiny but you can barely Eden scene and threatened not our. Rent and actually out. A litany. Most panel what apple. Ribbons. Line. Is gone ribbon as indulgent stay there and I'm. And then. In the end one in most Adam isn't hasn't been crippled ribbon as well ha ha. I also had. Net written. Radar and it and they. You've pushed yourself. Forward you also have a beautiful heart and in getting back is incredibly important she oak. Now why is that how you been doing that during these very high and can't. You are an it girl. And no library. Anything and our nation. I want and you are it would've been here to work out. Have seen cancer Iberia and education. Over the past nine months. Go climb the and chain around well. Britney is. Enabled that the library Altria. Also kinds of dairies and it does and really land and aim. And another thing was over nineteen. Originally I was hanging and Dizzy Dean. Around June or early June but. In nineteen actress. When it would happen. Still lower. Now slumping over nineteen. And Brandan Wright I. It was during. An elderly and the are being eaten better experience and know the lord you. On. John you are literally like a living Angel your honor UI and more I hear about a more righteous all in love art and your mind. You've got a new book out called giving back approach eight can you tell us about that. And so congress. In the second. Me. Here is. A and now. And now this Saturday. Well coached little. Main thing that just. Yes released. My second. How. Oh. Isn't. Any negotiations. As. The name implies now she. All patterns that may. Matter symbol it's still there. Are. Chairs and me. And Ian. Example there cared for some point or time or. You weren't in all of and I are. Aren't you in the callers. Are breast. Joining you are so impressive every literally every senior day on EU. What can you and so much in such a short period of light are what arena dealing. I don't subtle means. Mind long term dream. It's become. A eastern and it. Is an English hay out and there. And remember uncle. Billy in me. That. Not rule honor just. Haitians Kenya is near an end product isn't maiden. And on the person. The bank and I think he and Cheney. And because Berkman and they'll. I mean me because I can how. Anderson and the track or are ya get at its. Need. Make acts Joni you just what. You are everything I needed you make me hopeful predict future done well you are such a beautiful soul let me. I'm. Will act. Only down. Ten excel. Yet seen no. And then I'm done closing act for Graham and many tonight you can see what it looks at any. It looks don't eat you. Is wrong. I'm. You know I'm really like you I would be would enable. What would be able to you because. I really think. Don't if you sit at me I'm aware that every day that I need to warm my head and I will just feel a little closer duty so I promised year that. You are an inspiration. As a human I am so impressed with everything that you are and I can't wait. How much brighter you make a world it you grow up what you. Made it better in the short time you being here on this irks L. They you everything. You per. And I want to make sure everyone check out your knew not yet been back crow Shay. Will ever went 88 and Joni you most well. Thank you very much and really due legal analyst. Mark people. And at a crucial in giving him Anson niche.

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{"duration":"7:44","description":"Jonah Larson tells Sara Haines how he's helping others through his craft.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71583474","title":"This crochet expert is only 12 years old","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/crochet-expert-12-years-71583474"}