Dating expert Matthew Hussey helps a viewer get back in the game

Can the relationship guru get an audience member's groove back?
6:15 | 12/05/19

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Transcript for Dating expert Matthew Hussey helps a viewer get back in the game
We're so excited to have our next guest back with us. He's the go-to dating coach for millions of women around the world. Please welcome international dating and relationship guru and "New York Times" best selling author, Matthew Hussey. Welcome, Matthew. We're joined by Tiffany and, Tiffany, you've kind of been out of the dating game for a while but you want to get back in the game. Yes, I do. Actually, it's been over 12 years since I've really been in the dating game but that's because I was married. I was married for 10 and I've been divorced for almost two. So, you know, I don't -- So you're ready. I'm ready. I took a year to myself. I did all the healing. I did all the, you know, getting in the gym, getting my fitness right, working on me, self-improvement, and now I'm just ready to get back out there so I need some pointers. Matthew, you said there are three tips that Tiffany could use to get back into the dating game. Yeah, look, what you've been talking about is your confidence has increased now but now you need to work on your competence in getting back out there. Yeah. Let's imagine you're actually out. You want to leave the house and be in an environment where there are people around you. How do you make the most of it because half the battle was leaving the house. The other half is being productive in a social environment. Right. So let's try something, all right. Three steps to getting a guy to approach you. So, Michael, I'm going to need you for this. Okay. You're going to be the hot guy. Oh, I have no problem. Who me? That's a role you're used to playing. Not hard. Let's have Michael go down here. Okay. Now, we're four women out together. Girls night out. So you see this hot guy that you want to talk to. Damn. In fact, you stand where I am because we're going to do a test here. You catch his eye when you come into the room. You like spy him. Okay. But you don't want to hold it for too long. You just want to look back and in that moment you noticed him. I want you to give him a second look. The second look is where it's like, oh, I noticed you. Mm-hmm. The first one is just, oh, you're there. The second one is like, I didn't realize you're actually very attractive. Okay. So you look at him once and look back. He's staring at you, girl. Here's the problem. Here's the mistake a lot of women will make at this point. They'll look at a guy for a second and look back at their friends and go, okay, he knows. He has no idea. He does not know. Yes. And now I want you to look at him for like two seconds. Two seconds. With a bit more flirtation. Get ready, three, two, one, go. Wow. That was incredible. That was very incredible. It was. That was a hot look. I was going to do that with you but you, like, nailed that. The second one is close down space. So even if he registers that look and he's like, oh, I like her, I'd like to come over, maybe she's looking at me, the problem with this right now is he's got to walk all the way across the room to speak to you. Poor thing. You need to make that a little easier on him because as a guy -- and Michael, you know you walk across the room, if it goes wrong, you've got to do the walk of shame all the way back there. Michael, imagine you're at the bar over here. Just come stand at the bar. Let's say we're all talking here. You're going to be like, oh, there's a napkin over there I need and reach for it. Oh, okay. The old napkin gag. Hold on, let me get that for you. Thank you. Thank you. How are you doing? How are you? What's your name? Michael, what's your name? Tiffany. Tiffany, nice to meet you. So that's what that's like. Imagine this, if someone is standing across the room, really hard to come over. If someone is standing here, you don't necessarily have to say anything. I can turn my head and say, hey, how's it going, without risking too much. That's step two, close down the space. I love that reach for the napkin. That's genius. And it closes down the space. Close down the space. Now, the last tip is let's imagine right now that you want to be slightly more proactive and none of this by the way is about chasing a guy. It's all about getting the guy to do the thing you want him to do. Yes. So, we're going to call it dropping the handkerchief. Women think I'm old-fashioned. I don't make the move. Old-fashioned women made the move. 100 years ago a woman would walk past a guy, drop the handkerchief and keep walking. The guy would see the handkerchief. He'd think this is an extraordinary opportunity to be a man. He'd pick it up and walk it over and say, madam, you dropped this. You'd say, did I? You now have a conversation, a conversation that he thinks was his idea but it wasn't. It was hers. So what we need to do is drop the handkerchief today in this year. Okay. So that's super easy. You don't have to start having a big conversation with him. Let's say you're at the bar and you're talking to us, your friends. You noticed -- and this happens to be true of Michael. You're like, oh, he has great taste in shoes, so you're going to tell him that but you're going to tell him and look straight back at us. Okay. Look at him and say you have great taste in shoes by the way, and then keep talking to us. All right. Girl. You have great taste in shoes by the way. Thank you. All right, now, by the way, notice this, notice this -- I'm blushing, man. In that moment, when you turned back to your friends, here's what you've done. It's like you've thrown something at his head and said, hey, I exist. Now you turn around again and he knows, okay, this is a maybe. Men live for the maybe. Okay. Now he starts talking to you because he knows this isn't a closed door. She's actually given me the green light to do something. Now he'll do the thing you want him to do, and in a room full of women, the one woman who does these three things is the woman who will get approached by 90% of the guys. You're really good at this. I got, like, warm and fuzzy talking to you. Good. Are you going to use these tips? Mm-hmm. I'm going to try them. You're ready. Definitely. We got some homework if you're up for it. I'm up for it. We're going to send you out on the town to see you in action. Ooh. Yeah, we want to see you in action. Can you handle that? I can handle it. All right, she can handle it, so girl, you go get your flirt on as we like to say, and we're rooting for you of course.

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{"duration":"6:15","description":"Can the relationship guru get an audience member's groove back?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67521834","title":"Dating expert Matthew Hussey helps a viewer get back in the game","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/dating-expert-matthew-hussey-helps-viewer-back-game-67521834"}