Fran Drescher on why it’s important to detox your home

Sara talks to Drescher about her new talk show series, “Corona Care 4 You,” from her Cancer Schmancer organization.
5:52 | 05/26/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fran Drescher on why it’s important to detox your home
Hey everybody Sydney Games sell elect eat could be joined a true comedy and let. You know her back he showed me now create structures in all eight uncertain times are Roenick air yield. This new talk shows you aren't yet urged answered org. It'll warm welcome when a RE. O'Leary ran. I. Harry SCE. Narrowing it looks at how well. On my tax you for staying that they can't agree but you look spanning like you just jump into the quarantine recently. So many people are talking about eight learns about and sell we left. For I'm period like this on your own have you learned anything that surprised you about. How. It happened deeper especially stands. I live on Whidbey Island. Very great foreign parents and friends. I rarely does that I am in excellent keeper. And the house is partly. We can't answer that Oregon progressive program at your home against Bahamas must rise in the months and an. And most people really don't realize that how you little. Equals and you via and he Aaron it laying like on Marion it's am. Many aren't looking at how amendment. Has its answer as. Merry Macs trying to identify that who has nations. Is deceased. And the elimination. Which motivate each day and you. Are mindful of ours every time sending. Their foods we. All your personal care items including oral hygiene. Everything you plane went in our mind me. You know organic. Her friend laying. Najaf with various simple ingredients and earn your grandma's garden that's rarely. The name of the game sure feeling. Your best read all our home is a really good time to walk around and look at what's here that could be compromised. Our health our analysts are any and I. Are moving away. And it could have. It only gets support in industrial army. A plea against. Eating. You know industrial. Reduced. Life. In glee gets. Yeah being polluted. Fruits and vegetables than how. A dozen different. Designs and her it's. All up. Is what's. Making America's. Our house additionally we treat medicine and we eat you know my aunt and her be really educating. Every day. We and our kids. Eat at eight when he and when I had my god. Early years. I H old diet where might it myself and my dog we only include and so. Every time you preach I just went I went to church like I totally agree with that I'm hoping. This comes a bit of an a weakening people I know that you have this whole world at 88. I actually started to learn out of Arab out in my life is changing a result. So why would encourage all to check out your new show corona care you but also check out Kashmir dot org in. Still much information and still many resource as. And real lean the magical. Hill pun intended. Is solution Warburg beat people tell advocating educating and making sure there's. So much accretion out there at eight can't find it so I. At her for during this time for everybody to injury rehab master class age issue here is with all kinds of doctors. On how you can help your cell. And the Karuna carefree youth series is also speaking directly about this is at a time are still widen out and you know it's all ingesting we have Al targeting teens and queens. With Jamie and myself. And I and it's all about being exchanged and again looking at. Our. We live equals out ratio NM RP are you being changed he has. Now we make everything we buy our boat. And every week on our protests. At the end of it down and manufacturers minus Alice mark and Hamas they don't wanna deal has. Anything that are willing to pirates right narrows Annie. And I am we have. Well I am still grateful. For all that you shared all and you're I felt reading church Easter dot org or so while government thank you are supporting. That or and I wish everybody that's me right now. You know good how. Life which of course Eskew and Bob and Al hopeless and helpless and this time here in confusions. Know that there is actions you can hang. Aaron well immediately start tipping the scales in New York paper. Could happen. Atlantic ran a used 88.

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{"duration":"5:52","description":"Sara talks to Drescher about her new talk show series, “Corona Care 4 You,” from her Cancer Schmancer organization.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70882852","title":"Fran Drescher on why it’s important to detox your home","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/fran-drescher-important-detox-home-70882852"}