Free shipping on all these Deals & Steals

Tory Johnson has the holiday gifts you need with those two magic words.
4:57 | 12/03/19

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Tory Johnson is here. I think you saw a shot outside our studio from Tory's first shopable window. There it is. For more info go to "Gma" Today we partnered with vendors for great deals. Tory, start us off. Everything you're about to see has free shipping. Yummie. This is shapeware that hugs without squeezing. We have the leggings and jeans. We have a big assortment of the jeans before. Me too. Really? Yeah. I like a little hug without too big of a squeeze. There you go. Yummie you will like. And you'll like the price. Today all slashed in half starting at $17 and free shipping. Free shipping! I'm excited for elements. It is making its debut with us. This is the one, number one British luxury skincare. This has collagen in it. If you use it every day for 14 days, guaranteed younger looking skin in just 14 days. Such a big winner. They sell one of those every nine seconds. One every nine seconds? One every nine seconds. I just stole one. Took me two seconds. Everything from this line performance driven. A great gift. Normally $40 to $230. Everything slashed in half starting at $20 -- And free shipping. I'm ready for all those. This is great. Sterling forever. What I love about this is we've got all these awesome options for ears and bolo bracelets. What's great about this is you don't have to worry about sizing on any of this. Choose something that's pretty and your recipient is going to love it. Earrings always fit. Bracelets fit. Necklaces. This one looks like a smiley face. Everything from this line is so sweet. There's a huge assortment. 42 to 102 regularly. Today slashed up to 80%. Every single there 11 to $30. And free shipping. I need this. These are so cute. You had these before, Tory. You have a watch collection. Yes. That will allow you to store your watches -- And a winder. Yes. It's awesome. Look at this for travel. I love this. This is great. You don't have to keep resetting your watch. Exactly. We have that. These little cases for traveling. Look at this little pink one here, keke. These are awesome. All these cases are great. Keke, you can keep your necklaces from getting tangled. That's another watch case. Huge assortment for men and women. You can choose genuine leather or vegan depending on your preference and price point. Normally 49 to 309. We have a massive selection. These are slashed big time starting at $17 and -- Free shipping. That's right. Juice beauty, another beauty winner. This was started by a California team really passionate about clean beauty. They're one of the leading clean beauty fans. Gwyneth paltrow is a really big fan. She's always promoting juice beauty. Everything starts with a base of organic juice. A lot of it green apple. You picked right there -- you picked right there -- The age-defying hand cream. Hands, the skin on your hands is one of those areas that shows age most and is often -- Sorry. I figured that would wind up on Michael if I had it open. I was protecting you from them. Thank you. Michael, you want some? No. I'm fine. This green apple face peel, awesome. Everything's designed to deliver beautiful glowing skin. That's what they're all about. Eye patches. I use those in the morning. Eye patches are a win. 10 to $48 regularly. Today slashed in half 5 to $24 and of course -- Free shipping. Then finally lights make everything festive. All of these are flameless lights. People tell me cats and kids, this is what you need. I love these string lights. Normally 12 to $54. Not today. All slashed in half 6 to $27 and -- Free shipping. Thank you so much, Tory. We're not going to let you go home empty handed. You're going home with products from juice beauty and elements. You have 24 hours to grab any of

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"Tory Johnson has the holiday gifts you need with those two magic words.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67466059","title":"Free shipping on all these Deals & Steals","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/free-shipping-deals-steals-67466059"}