Hip-hop music and healing

ABC News’ correspondent Kyra Phillips takes us behind bars to show how music can transform people’s lives in prison.
4:11 | 07/09/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hip-hop music and healing
The glimpse at the transformative power of music ABC's Kara Phillips takes us behind bars at one of the country's harshest locations. For one of the freshest new sounds. It's one of America's most notorious lock us. Home to infamous inmates. This is San Quentin State Prison and California's. Only death row. There's something else going on behind all these bars and barbed wire. There are breaking stereotypes. And breaking. So called same Clinton makes eight volume one. Seventeen tracks all written recorded and produced inside this prisons. How groundbreaking release within a timely twist. Patti think this mix tape can add inspiration. To what's going on in our country right now. That begins so how we can overcome our vision that begins to show how great we truly yours fight in the states are I went early Saturday zero kid you know. Convicted of attempted murder does somebody own vigorous mission to change the world. A mission. Abercrombie never imagined it seventeen. When he was convicted of attempted murder. He says his transition as a person is a testament to the power of music and what AFLAC. We've always been silenced by what is our hope they didn't matter outside they've Barbie never quit this mix tape out both local and currently incarcerated and here's what is being hit only combat. Implicit bias he's like so many different days. Salute to do. Hard times turned indie hip hop courtesy award winning music producer David Jackson. Who after being incarcerated for second degree murder had nothing but time to put his pain into prose and producing this project. So symbolic of our time. Disease are not studio gangster sullen and make a record to sell records these are men. Or come in and want to get back to the community and one of these. Carnival and also those parents about the struggles they been through but also the bad this isn't that they make your life. Making beats on his keyboard inside his cell David says rival gang members started to gather outside. Finding common ground in three style. Thank rob recording sessions expressing vulnerabilities. In a place that's usually seen as a weakness. David made it clear these cuts would have no profanity and no glorify violent. Why do you insist on clean lyrics. It was actually Mazen the result that we got was. Better than expected because they don't self actually came to the studio is letting you know I have reached a deeper level that I have reached floor and a lot of them broke down the microphone and actually started crying. Already grabbing the attention of rappers and producers like. Helped break stereotypes. But I really like what David did attempt to tell him about the curse because that. I think that'll change a lot more ears and makes it easier to people here. There are lessons having seen a lot of necessities I went without visiting room and noticed that when the guys were telling the stories in the coding work about a curse. It was reducing their emotions also is exactly. Or Johnny Cash did when he played his first ever prison concert in 1958. A concert did inspired a twenty year old Sen Clinton inmate turned country music legends. His name. Merle Haggard whether it's Johnny Cash or the rappers Ickes and Clinton what is it about music that set. Someone Parikh. There is something about the power when a strong song released Lucy it's really hard to put it or don't why don't see is just feeling. What an incredible story or think secure Phillips for not reply.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"ABC News’ correspondent Kyra Phillips takes us behind bars to show how music can transform people’s lives in prison.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71695282","title":"Hip-hop music and healing","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/hip-hop-music-healing-71695282"}