Holiday cocktails with Vanderpump Rules’ Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix

The reality stars get into the show's drama and mix up some drinks from their book, "Fancy AF Cocktails."
6:40 | 12/04/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Holiday cocktails with Vanderpump Rules’ Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix
Reality TV shows they enter punk rules take a look. You've never been happy you're like a woman to woman to be careful you don't love me laugh and then the body. Relations and look very nicely you don't have to. That's when I get my guards. Good friend Wei and never imagined. Oh we are. And they are shaping up and I'm on the new if he then and here today shaking up some cocktails. Because it's daytime so completely welcome Arianna an addict in Toms and a lot. Karzai can be here Yang is no and it is time I mean it isn't even. Any time is a good time adjourned at Villa. Or. I felt OK not till death and you look at KF cocktails the delicately in Pennsylvania OK so I'm gonna make you are what goes from class seated trashy and I'm gonna make me. Yeah. Yeah flaky. And how little bit about right get it I'm gonna make you would probably be trashing a string dinner but I'm gonna mix it in this or water bottle began. You know he knows he might need to just. Exactly like I never liked in that situation where you know you have an empty water bottle may be your real name try hard exactly yeah. And there are beginning to you ounces of pot because occasionally let you do it first slant to this first nine years measuring cup yeah. They can't do the first line and then that's two thousands of vodka than you do. One ounce of water which is the second of justice in the second lying. Then you're gonna do three ketchup packets what I guess you. I'm why can't have what do you what do you what do you think normal bloody Mary mix is made out very well rather is even though something delicious not a little squeeze it packet. That's the tricky hell yes I'm very interesting you know three ketchup packets are hot sauce packets. You can give us a quick at that school lunch experiment. Just waits lead Jack on the death her bloody Mary for reasons I don't and I got yeah. Tom I have been reading here if we desperately need now hiring in about creating in his youth he the desperate situation I have it's like revolver now. I mean yes yeah that we moment now before you know you're out at night and your friends like collect the love play isn't like. You know so you go over there with a few friends and an alike while you have a Bollenbach our politics he led the knicks are so I usually end up going through their cabinets. Going through there's spice rack and like you're getting something unlike the not divert our minds ever. You know while while we're making that he we just saw the trailer for the new season and everyone fans are excited. But it seems like Ewing Dax got it Jack. Got into it a little bit thank you give a clip of it soon. Do you believe person on having your mom with these you do you even know me you. Well. Three I'm not happy you were his best man and it has letting recently and now fast forward to this so. Well I mean this is odd that. Obviously takes place leading up to the wedding and you know you're gonna see how everything sort of unfolds as being on the season airs but one of these -- exactly. Attacks not bold and very you know we have strong personalities and sometimes you know we fundamentally disagree on certain things ray and its own butt pads and you know it's this this is the way it happens you know is doing today we're doing great now we we obviously you know we have our ups announced but. You know at the end of the day we elevenths others Friday isn't so we would get past that I don't amateur. Basically just added I love pickles and dine out alone and call them my bloody Mary Sutton had little batch of pickle juice in this. And then I put some cracked pepper on top. And so now I have my bloody desperate Miree and you guys have not version that you can't around and try this okay. Okay. But I'm ready for the rooms and I the good looks really good. And now you know. Another tune into star of reality soup course but. You rich long term bartenders yeah so at what point -- would be pivotal the inevitable that it. Removal all at. I came here today began panicking I'm. You've got through that no book we should do a cocktail hour. I think summing up Tom's always wanted to do for years and years and funding I became really interest and then doing with all of our here's a heartening experience. And then it when we met Danny Pellegrino is the right he worked with on this but he came up with this great concept of bringing. Tom and I together for all Marjorie ideas not even. Trashy and from there it just yet really Islam. You know you can go get a cartel book anywhere has a thousand recipes and but it's it's mainly made polite mixology this this is more of a book for everybody you know. Everybody can make amazing age. Out of drinking me keying in the snob Venus out of mixology and let everybody you don't make him drink and want to. Expensive. But it. Maybe intimidation of the drink but he can't enter intimidation to dual use only you have the new cast member of the gasoline title really quickly get a new captain Kidd leaky bucket may bring new drama I think they can hold their own. Yeah they're really their enrollment is honest and not coming on channel like put on a Fremont or like to push their brand like are open and honest insure themselves and that's all we ask for you know the world when an honest. They in art and are a lot of good that in the yeah. If you really quickness speed lightning round to tell us what's in this next drinks a week and try mrs. the Tom's body this is wrong lawn outside the this is great that. New York Europe whether right now so it's got Berman six ounces of water shot of espresso. Such high tea bag some honey. Yeah. So in my hand if all of our guys who work you know we have don't have. Any of you guys going in he had hit our audience is all going home with a copy of the boxy.

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{"duration":"6:40","description":"The reality stars get into the show's drama and mix up some drinks from their book, \"Fancy AF Cocktails.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67496722","title":"Holiday cocktails with Vanderpump Rules’ Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/holiday-cocktails-vanderpump-rules-tom-sandoval-ariana-madix-67496722"}