Keke and Michael go head-to-head in the Aldi price challenge

They team up with audience members to see who's better at guessing the prices of some fabulous holiday products from Aldi.
4:33 | 11/22/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Keke and Michael go head-to-head in the Aldi price challenge
The holidays are just around the corner. Thanks to our sponsor Aldi we're going to give fun money saving tips. Aldi has everything including premium food, festive decorations and a robust assortment of gifts for everyone on your list, all at prices that will make you merry. We're going to play a game called the check out. We've partnered up with a member of our audience to guess the prices of some Aldi products. Our two players today are chaloma and Julie. We have three stations. I'll tell you about the products on the table. You have to guess the price of each product. Whoever guesses the price closest wins the round. Whoever wins the most rounds, wins the game and goes home with a $500 gift card. Let's do it. You understand the rules? Come on, Julie. We'll start with the holiday coming up. Thanksgiving. According to the 34th annual American farm bureau federation survey the average cost for a feast for ten is $48.91. How much do you think this haul from Aldi cost? It includes a Turkey, rolls, stuffing, peas, yams and potatoes. You said usually $48? Yes. Are you ready? Team keke? Team Michael? The winner of this round -- the actual cost is -- team keke. Let's go! When you're hosting the holidays, it's always nice to have a variety of wines for your guests. Aldi has several that pair well with a Thanksgiving spread. We want to guess how much this well balanced riesling wine from Germany cost at Aldi. We're going to start with team Michael and Julie first. We're going first. What do we have, Julie? $12. We have $12 too. Here's the actual price. Keke is still up one. Last round, after Thanksgiving is over it's time to decorate for the holidays. This assortment of decor from the Aldi merry moments collection includes a towel set, throw with a matching pillow and ornament wreath. What do you think the total cost is? We're ready, Sara. We'll go with team keke. They have the lead. Team keke, what do you think? $25. Okay. We went with the number when I was 7 years old and played football for the first time. It was number 31. It's all about you, love. We got to turn it around. 31 bucks. The correct answer is $25.96. Congratulations to team keke and Chioma, you're the winners. I protest. Michael Strahan, lose with dignity. $500 gift card to Aldi. Enjoy. Julie, we never let you go home empty handed. We're also giving you a gift card for $100. Thank you. You guys did a great job. When you shop at Aldi you can create a beautiful Thanksgiving feast for an unbeatable price. Everything you see here comes from Aldi, all priced to put cheer in your wallet. Audience, to help you get started on your holiday shopping, Aldi is sending you all home with $100 gift card. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"They team up with audience members to see who's better at guessing the prices of some fabulous holiday products from Aldi.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67231803","title":"Keke and Michael go head-to-head in the Aldi price challenge","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/keke-michael-head-head-aldi-price-challenge-67231803"}