Keke's Reality Recap: 'Below Deck,' 'Masked Singer' & "Married To Medicine'

More drama from the world of reality along with a special masked guest.
6:56 | 10/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Keke's Reality Recap: 'Below Deck,' 'Masked Singer' & "Married To Medicine'
breaks down all the crazy stuff that happened in reality TV this week. It is time for keke's reality recap. Take it away, keke. Thank you. That's right I'm here for all those people out there living their life while I sit inside to watch other people live their lives. I need a man. I'm breaking down "Below deck," "The masked singer " and "Married to medicine." Let's get into it, love. Let's do it. First up we have the season seven premiere of below deck. You're thinking this is a show about pretty people who work on a big boat. It's not like that at all. When you hook with somebody, you have to choose wisely. He's like the type that makes out with a new girl every week. We have the most attractive deck crew I've ever worked with. Okay. It's just like that. I'm in. Now this episode features Courtney a new stewardess who I'm curious if she knew what job she applied for. Take a look. I feel like I'm walking 20 miles through piles of hot garbage. If I get a tan from this polo. I will not have a polo tan. I want to do anything but what I'm doing. I couldn't date a girl like Courtney. I'm stepping only on shells. Now, Courtney, listen at the end of the day your job is looking good walking on a beach holding a coconut. There are worse things. I'll be honest with you, I submitted my resume. Moving on last week a lot of people hit me up on social media asking me to recap the masked singer. If you were in a dystopian hunger games world, this would be the show everyone is watching. I guess that's the world we are living in because everyone is watching. Let's take a look. The eagle has landed. Spirit in the sky Man, he's tall. Tall and slim for sure. So cute. I love it. The eagle seems funny. Now, hold on. First thing, these judges. I love all of the judges. It seems a little random. It's like someone put a bunch of names in a basket and picked them out. Jenny Mccarthy. Ken Jeong. Okay! At the end of the episode it was time for the big reveal. You'll be just as gagged as I take a look, love. You have made your final guesses. Let's see if any of you are right. Dying to know who this is. Eagle, show us who you really are. It's Dr. Drew! This show is so much fun. What they actually should do is turn it into a dating app. Having a great date with godzilla head and bam, I find out I'm in love with screech from "Saved by the bell." I'm sorry to interrupt. Do you want to play masked reality star? How do you play? Just go over there and ask her questions about herself. Okay, masked reality star. Tell me a little bit about yourself. I do medicine and I'm married. Dr. Jackie! I'm so happy you're here. I'm covering "Married to medicine." You should. It's one of the best reality shows on TV. Yes, it is. Dr. Jackie, we're going to get into it. Give my girl a seat. Dr. Jackie, come on join us. Sit with us. You sit in the middle. Now we're ready. As Dr. Jackie said it's time to get on to "Married to medicine." Last week we saw the claws come out when buffy crashed Toya's party. What we didn't expect was the clothes to come off? This probably ain't never going to happen in life. This is one for the history books, baby. I don't think I'm allowed to do that. Keep yourselves together. Y'all are doctors. Toya, where did you find him? Toya, seriously? I love this show. It's really showing doctors and the polarity of their lives. In the morning it's physicals and checking blood pressure. At night it's you raising your blood pressure. Dr. Jackie, can your corneas get cavities? There was a lot of sweet eye candy. I heard you could. Let's see what the husbands thought. I heard you were a little bit angry about Toya's birthday party. I wouldn't say I was angry. He should be angry. I'm not going to say I was angry. We should be angry at you. Why? You knew what was happening there. You didn't tell nobody. We should be angry at you. Wow. That's what it must be like to feel wanted or have somebody be jealous over you. Man, hope things work out with godzilla head screech or else that's my future. Man, I'm lonely. Roll the next clip. Roll the next clip! My wife came home and she was like one of them picked heavenly up seductively. Hey! Hey, somebody get this baby. I tell you, there is a lot of talking going on. It's a good thing these people are doctors. Because snitches get stitches. Dr. Jackie, can you give us any tidbit of what we can expect in the season? Lots of drama. Lots of interactions and medicine too. I cannot wait. You guys, that is my reality recap for this week. As Dr. Jackie said more drama to come, love. Way to go, keke. For all of you reality lovers at home watching we want to hear from you. Post your comments with the #kekegetsreal and tell us what shows you want to see keke break down on next week's reality recap.

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{"duration":"6:56","description":"More drama from the world of reality along with a special masked guest.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66211389","title":"Keke's Reality Recap: 'Below Deck,' 'Masked Singer' & \"Married To Medicine'","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/kekes-reality-recap-deck-masked-singer-married-medicine-66211389"}