Meet the friends who saved for years to buy a home together

Najee, Meqai, Tyree and Darius saved $50 a week for two years to buy an investment property together hoping to better their community.
8:20 | 10/23/19

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Transcript for Meet the friends who saved for years to buy a home together
Have a very inspiring group of friends who are taking up ink is into their own hands while giving back to their community in major way. I'd had to elect. After growing of the West Philadelphia and dropping out of college not cheating and wanted more for his future and made it plans changed last. Law financial stability not reputed to few for into all living paycheck to paycheck. And convinced him there had to be better winning the each 850 dollars a week and two years later they had a total of 26 house. Enough money to purchase their first house they bought a rundown property in their neighborhood. With the dream of transforming their community by turning a fixer upper into affordable house. The plan to renovate his home in more lacking in investing in something greater than the house of the San. For these young developers it's all about helping neighbors remain and dry in the community they know when. Look hot pot every and area. The way out of dislike me how with these guys on the show. I wanted to know why was this so important for you. And so this social importer it's any because of growing up. Armada ever thought things like this was possible you know I never thought homeowner shoe with possible. Never thought only anything was possible no grown up oh a lot of with grew open inner cities is like. You're subjected to you're born as the situation subjected to lead he got his due and you don't know if you have options and most of time is too late. Do you find out that you have options and houses have been found out that we have more options. Before I'm me in the face they'll do that changed my life in. I shared those options were my friends I'm off. Could invest in any community social why did you take this neighborhood in particular alone the real we've beat take this neighborhood because it's like. Wind you have you have to kind of people who are living in the city right you have people who are law by this business. And he had people wouldn't you know art is confused about what the options are so you may do things they shouldn't do. And you know and a growing up you know month and we mom mom mom aunts in people who Osama community you know. Garza was going on outside they still got up every day to pick what to work to their kids to school pay their bills will be the low came home. And indeed been donors this community for over twenty plus years. And then we look at things identification and not that I'm against unification because they're better in a community is always it. But some Tom the way some investors go about doing it is very predatory so now we have a situation we're. People here. We'll. Can. We have a situation where people who deserve to benefit from a better community. Our nimby in this place obvious communities within their entire life and so are perfect. Our purpose and that cell was so by these distressed properties to fix them up and in make affordable living for people. Who still want to remain in it would deserve to benefit from. A better community where you have to Golisano we're about due these shadowy Nixon had three keys or gains or she settled their children you know they deserved and that's where it. Our mission is now yeah. I. He'd continue my hospital away for 316 com I was breeze just paycheck to paycheck I watched my mom did the same exact thing handle the bills. It's a the next second the little again. So let's first wafers exodus from to do this whole thing I was a little skeptical I was a little I was scared. I didn't think that I will be it would to do it I don't wanna waste months Tom more than little money had to do it. Com what he really said now would mean he arm they see fix my credit soda gaming motivation and on keep going. Com and we said now he planned oval budget for mean thumb gave me different practices and disciplines and I'm definitely glad coming off for them. Pretty might I was excited I was I will we finally did it. It was like a long haul like those hold senior process was like yeah there's discipline ourselves does seem to mind here week instead of going now and don't think my influence felt like there. And we still young so is my right. He had if he handed discipline our social and we finally prison the property is like our. He guided diamond now it's time noon no do more would have got a key bone would it and is it more so I was next. Emotional free events that are very emotion and want what you mean. It's a two years. It's an end here along those tiers of with a lot of fuss in lot of fight in lot of I might not be able to make this week's pay name cannot catch up woman next week. We just we we will where real tight circle we we. We kept holding each other ladies of the no lake listen they won't make an economics of the executive. That's definitely what we do to civilian rule accountability and initiative and the Mississippi sleep very on the phone. Eight figure out there have been invisible trust Clinton in what is it gonna be sort of finally finish and that's what stuff a lot of groups yet that's cool stuff lot of moves their faith. Yet and it did you know a lot of people out there may be struggling financially. It in some way paycheck to paycheck so what did they would what advice do you got that anybody who may be in that situation. That that can change due situation like you do thank you did. A home. My message is it anybody out here you have a job right nailed the you can change a situation. Because you would we have to do is we begin Hamas that obtain ourselves first you know we. We we get we get jobs paying you know we get our check in our tickets there before you incontinent depository account. You know and which you gotta understand in this. Home for example write it about him off phone bill right now. Two hours later I can call Verizon say. Hey you know that was a mistake you put them Rebecca Mark counting them as we cannot honey haired it gave rise and are terminating you willingly give a rising your money. July you'll have that same discipline which yourself you know you have to. You know and there's the man he worked at like we said McDonald's you know legally bring in hundred a week to say five dollars every every time you get a check the file other deaf. Death bottles will turn into something you know if every day you wake up he take a step toward your goal. No matter how long the T you'll get there is is we're seeing marathon not a sprint. So here. Thank you so much for watching doing what you eat which is speaking about in terms of the community. The brotherhood the what you guys came together you've got dollar in aid to 26 in India what what you do with self. Our friends over at 84 lumber heard about the renovation and as a trying to do in. They want to support you what you're doing and we did still so we want to in his 151000 dollar. And and a long term plan had just look forward. So I long term plan we really want to contain focusing on. The distressed areas that we come from. And continued to as we acquire more property in that area to do those developments in. Continue how being individuals who are coming from those areas who want to stay. And that process. That. This is that it's changed and different casing. You got a great example and I love sticking together it you've got this on that you know make it into the accountable and give him active community pays back in spades. Yet we definitely want to hear back and you've gotten into that game with and and I. I really driven thank you got to be an incredible story credible example they announce a thank you got so much.

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{"duration":"8:20","description":"Najee, Meqai, Tyree and Darius saved $50 a week for two years to buy an investment property together hoping to better their community. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66471324","title":"Meet the friends who saved for years to buy a home together ","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/meet-friends-saved-years-buy-home-66471324"}