How Michael, Sara and Keke ignored the haters

The hosts share their stories about advice they got that they refused.
4:14 | 02/26/20

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Transcript for How Michael, Sara and Keke ignored the haters
I saw something the other day that made me think about people holding you back, getting advice from people that you admire or like, the advice it could help you, and you know, Steve Mcqueen, the director of 12 years a slave, he was talking to a magazine, he was talking about in 2013 he was told not to make the film. People said to him, a movie with black leads won't make any money especially one about slavely and from someone -- that was from someone who supported the movie. But he went on to make it anyway, wound up winning the Oscar for best picture. It made it. It was successful. It cost $22 million to make the money. They made $187 million back. Unbelievable. My question to you, any advice that you refused and you still did what you wanted to do and it end up working out? Yes. When they told me this, I was kind of like -- I stayed true to me. Why would you ever do "Strahan, Sara & keke"? Literally. I'm at a place, my voice is respected, my ideas are encouraged and I'm able to be my up then tick self. Ened it's something I enjoy. I'm the next keke palmer. I'm going to do whatever I get my hands on. The cool thing about it is, he called me back a few months later and he said, you know what I was wrong. That feeling is good. I had a similar thing happened along the way when I came over to this company, we have a friend in common, she worked with you over at the other place. I know her. She's funny, she told me that she was the one person who was told so no so many times and kept going. You don't think about it, you don't see them as nos and you might stop. That's such a badge of honor. No one has been told no more and kept pushing. I was like, wow, it's not as specific along the way to do my own stuff around the job that was paying me. I had somebody say to me, why would you do this show? That was just me talking to myself. That's hilarious. But -- by the way, I love it. This is the most fun you could ever have here. I'll never forget, when someone said something to you, you need to be very careful about how you talk to people. Because I'll never forget, I'm in college, I'm a senior, you know I'm hoping to come to the NFL and I'm sitting there be a college scout who was there with another guy and who played the same position and he goes, you know Michael, I don't know -- you won't be like him because you don't have the ability to close to the quarterback like he does. I remember sitting there and going, wow, and this guy was a scout for the San Francisco 49ers. They drafted the other guy in the first round. A great guy. Still friends. But at the end of the day -- You're a hall of famer. There we go. So, I always -- when you get told these things to me it's encouragement to push. You do what works for you. What works for you may not work for someone else. Projection. Don't project on me. Absolutely. All right, ladies. I love you. Up next, we teach you why

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"The hosts share their stories about advice they got that they refused.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69235601","title":"How Michael, Sara and Keke ignored the haters","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/michael-sara-keke-haters-69235601"}