Could Michael, Sara or Keke live with an ex?

The hosts share their thoughts on an unusual living setup.
5:51 | 11/12/19

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Transcript for Could Michael, Sara or Keke live with an ex?
discussing her living arrangements with her husband Karl Cooke. Despite having been married for a year, the couple does not live together. Cuoco said fans can't believe it. Their marriage works well with a little distance. Take a listen. I made headlines saying we don't live together yet. People went crazy. They couldn't believe it. By the way, it's been working great. We love it. Works for them. So, I mean, that poses the question is it better, you know, for your marriage to live apart? I don't think so. It's better for my divorce. What are your thoughts, Sara? I feel like you get married so you can be with someone. We once talked about, max and I, about a story that came up about people sleeping separately. I got married so I have someone with me every night. I love it. It's like a teddy bear. Alec walked in and said mama why do you get to sleep with papa every night. That's how I felt about my dad. I wished he would leave so I could be with my mama. You're taking up the room. I wanted to be with her. What kind of kids were you? Kids are territorial with Their situation is different. He's an equestrian. She's a big animal lover as well. With her work and his work they're apart. They are building a home together, but they haven't moved in yet. If it worked for your relationship, some people like it. I have friends who are married. They're like I have my spot that I like to go to and we have our place. It's not necessarily how I want to live. If it works for you, good for you. You're still married and looks like you're happy. That's all that matters. I got one that's a little crazier. I'm going to up your story. Up it by one. Australian mommy blogger Sophie recently did a podcast interview discussing her relationship with her husband Jarrod. They separated earlier this year. They still live together, but they go on dates with other people and talk about their romance over tea every night. Huh-uh. Sophie says that Jarrod is her soul mate and she'll continue to live with them their two kids. My question to you both is -- Anybody dating Jarrod, leave now. Get up and walk out. Could you live with your ex? I can barely live on the same planet with her. Absolutely not. No. No! I mean, to me it makes -- it makes no sense. The word ex means ex. Like, out. See Ya. I'm gone. For sure. I couldn't do it because, you know, I said we were talking last week I would rather have my kids see me happy apart than miserable together. If I'm living with you, then you wouldn't be my ex. That's how I feel. Then I'm not going to date somebody and have a cup of tea with you and say you know last night she kissed so good. That's too much. Her lips were so soft. That's ridiculous. That's ridiculous. I would feel so uncomfortable. I don't get the point. You're literally not having sex. You're doing the worst part which is living together. What's the point? I don't get it. You're roommates at that point. Yeah. She says he is her soul mate. Obviously they're still connected. That's ooky. There's some people who get in relationships and I understand their partner becomes more like their best friend. Yeah, but also -- The romance gets lost. I don't think I still want to live with that person. Max is my best friend and I would hate to ever see him with someone else. It would literally kill me. Literally, yeah. Never. They're putting each other through that. If you're saying soul mates, huh-uh. I'm not going to -- I don't think I would be my best self for my kids watching my ex-husband with other women. That would literally bring out the worst in me. You're not going on the date. He's just telling you about it. Huh-uh. I'm moving on. You out my life. He's blocked from every social media account. You block them on social media. I block them throughout my whole life. We polled our audience about this. Here are the results. On Facebook. Yeah, on Facebook. 10% of you said, yeah, we can live with an. 90% said no. Huh-uh. Okay. I'm in the 90. I'm curious. If you were in that 10%, please raise your hand. Who could live with an ex? Anyone in here? Raise your hand. We won't shame you. My man right there. Why do you think you could? Should I give him this? Throw the mic. Catch it. I don't want you to throw your arm out. Just because I don't see a relationship working out doesn't mean I couldn't handle living with them. And they can date and you can date? Separate list of requirements. If we can communicate effectively, we can work it out. You're too mature. Throw that back. You know what, I'm going to tell you right now -- Now I'm mad at him. Sara, don't be mad at him. He's just trying to save some rent money. That's all it is.

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{"duration":"5:51","description":"The hosts share their thoughts on an unusual living setup.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66944393","title":"Could Michael, Sara or Keke live with an ex?","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/michael-sara-keke-live-66944393"}