This mom opened a bakery to employ her special needs son

The hosts have a surprise for Margaret Cortes and her son Frankie, who run the Special Kneads Bakery.
8:36 | 01/15/20

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Transcript for This mom opened a bakery to employ her special needs son
I have learned as a parent it's the bigger my kids get the bigger my worries get Chiu and for a parent of children with special needs those same fears and concerns are multiplied. That's why one mom from Illinois took matters into her own hands and created a business that's helping her worry less a potter son's future take a look. Margaret Cortes a mom of four boys from gal the Illinois downturn like at a crossroads in 2017. After losing her job she needed a way to support herself and her eighteen year old son Frankie. Frankie was born this terrible policy which left doctors unsure as to whether he would ever be able to walk or talk after seeing freaky. The odds as he grew up Margaret knew our son was capable of so much more look like so many other parents who have children with special needs. Margaret has always hear it for free keys future. Means something clicked when she found out what people need to eat green town was closing so with a little bit of money an a lot of elbow grease. Special needs bakery opened its stores and mom and son working side by side. Plans for the future payments to get other people with special needs. At least to work for the arts. And encourage making Margaret not just one of a kind mom but also change maker in her community. Mark Richt and frank Cortez. Both of you right here you have. Come up with the idea for the country well. So like changes happened and I found myself about a job the beginning of January great team. Had a son and high schools Panasonic college to older boys. What am I gonna do I was burned out from health care couldn't do it anymore. So I started Google and out what is what small towns need we have a town of about 3000 people. And it just came to me like they crew was one of the trending things and are baker had just closed after eighty years. Yeah and the gentlemen that Rana baker only had one arm so when I went and talked to a patent. And I look at the equipment he season Hannity do this his whole life precious tricky and I can do that's. We can sit down when we need to confirm boss and we need to sit we consent. And it just kind of say it went from her home so we worked with the people that own the buildings odd fellows. And they worked with me said if we wanted to clean the place to whatever not targets threat until we actually open the stores are all. So we had six months of free. Just not outreach we got donations of equipment that wasn't being used by anybody. And it just fill those shocked and by November of last year were revoked her like again. Trade. And I was inspired. Applied them you know the whole thing about what frankly haven't special needs. And they came to me the one night special needs and I thought wow that's cool name but I don't know for the fly yet so we went to his independent education plan. Around all the table or special needs people that and are in the community for all the school districts. And I told him about it and they went crazy for it so I must be this must be the kind. Into the bakery has ago. And length and yet. Well in knowing what is a regional diagnosis what how cool is it not only to see a lot talk for a lot be up bright light in your life but. To work yes. So so for me to see how far he's come we've never put limits on them. You know hit three older Brothers then a lot of rough and tumble going on but after. Yeah they're good kids and they always seem to see him. We went down exactly isn't that had never happened before artist. You know and they were just they were good mentors for happened and to see him being able to do it he continual. As amazing actually. But for me. Can we yeah. The message. Do you have other parents that their kids especially absolutely do whatever you have to do for your children you know you want him in a safe place you want to know that they're being treated kindly. And our situation. We're in a small town there's not a lot of opportunity. They have programs for the kids that they can work and a warehouse and do odd jobs and things but he's so capable of so many things he can't do math very well. But that's okay but he. He muses I'm investment with a square app tap I'm on the iPad. And he can bring people out by looking at either picture or if you can read you can read what she can. I'm but other kids if they can't they be able to see is gearing in a percent of generally does have some mineral Clinton. Can't pass an ordinance so that I love is a lot of people that I got men on with injuries or special needs as they want independence and got the best gift for me in this bakery is that. Trains east earning his own ranks yes. He going to and a half blocks from home. Well so that is an avenue to you know than he does not have to walk across an expressway or highway or anything he could just walk couple blocks to work and he does he. Trunks up to work by himself from the marks our miracle worry you bring heat. Ricky urging the US maybe not but some what was won't that when you say balloon. Until occurred. A golf clock. Nobody want to golf club. So this election did. Content lean to and from work I'll get. Yeah you Intel delivered a lot of that's the end. Yeah spending the bad you might. The news network. It's the when he made a good fit what does he combat Sierra. I. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Okay. And I'm afraid you're brilliant idea Sony got to Bob good man. We have a good how I'm not not okay. Believe it like a big cat. Yeah. Yeah. How you view covenants so until sold Boston and humbled. I never expected to think what I'm doing Arab were doing at the bay credence. I'm I just hope that we inspire other moms dads should do what they have to do for their kids to make sure they're safe and happy yeah you're happy right. All of your getting your energy into the world that's coming back to my kids. What I thoroughly wonderful you have to think are good friends at club car. National special means they real be receiving this one up club car I'm CE. And that's what I bring a greater. Which will be entirely customize hospital. Then I. Greinke picking a we will new. Okay.

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{"duration":"8:36","description":"The hosts have a surprise for Margaret Cortes and her son Frankie, who run the Special Kneads Bakery.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68304349","title":"This mom opened a bakery to employ her special needs son","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/mom-opened-bakery-employ-special-son-68304349"}