Sara and Keke get their ears pierced

Piercing expert Maria Tash applies the latest ear mapping trend to Sara and Keke.
7:29 | 01/17/20

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Transcript for Sara and Keke get their ears pierced
Ear piercings were simple we would go to the local mall of course and get one piercing pain keep it movement. But the times they are changing because the bears a new trend on the block called ear mapping and it's everywhere. And fairy I want in a litre in an excellent rod in the present behind the piercings and Scarlett Johansson Rihanna and nationally. Please welcome I enjoy designers and luxury Pearson expect me it's. Okay. Synonymous with imagining all what some would call the que me yes let me explain what's your reading here is this it's a collection of layered pieces of juridical fear. That are intended to flatter the wearer morbid their anatomy. They're personal style and they tell a story or have the demon relate to each other you wasn't quite beautiful thank you as well. I think he is yeah. I think that trend that tend to think say they cater to that you so I'm I'm a mom now it does that if I do something like this does it look like I'm trying too hard absolutely not pull off actually Ed Maria test stores are average age or women 41. So it's not like that in fact my got a young himself purchasers. People that appreciate it but you can be any aides are demographic is wide like 22 to 4515. We even have an eighty year old I love that when their songwriting all zones. Bonding with their their daughters or their grandchildren it's really sweet. And had they didn't do you have kids get older than me your own room and still have fun OK. They are. Haven't seen the cure rated ear like what are you. What does the lifting do you think about me trying to achieve that. A lot of times people know they wanna get peers until they see if he's doing illiquid I wanna cut back where they come in holding apart like I wanna do something here what do I do. So fall in love with a piece of jury and then. Build around that piece later pieces we have it bad that sort of Maxine Johnson keeps. Yeah. Or outfit and running out of an outfit and then the second part is you want to pick the locations in that we custom fit the jewelry. Because maybe you wanna do this little popular location over here but you don't want a big ring so just like with shirts they come in different sizes are rings and stunts come in different sides this a where you want it. We fitted to your body. And tell us there's plenty of doozies sounds of course of course. What you wanna do is you wanna mixing you don't touch wood dirty hands and battery he empowered you know everybody loves Gillick doesn't play and it never fondling and now don't talk to 'cause you don't wanna transfer bacteria and you want to make sure you have clean pillow cases it seems like. You don't even think about capital on purposely but they're Pat's right they're in bed the pet dander gets around in a can get inside appears thankful that. That's not good and you want to clean it twice today. Is that something really mild no more Dave. How. Heights across side. Meanwhile. Yeah I know because imagine putting on your face twice today and make it red and irritated. Same thing for your ear. In a pinch you can use of the don't use it every day he's with a key tip like we used to caddy it's actually good to like letting go in the shower and then use that compress that Cecil that's beyond the new way and has some new last up. Now DT he mentioned earlier we're gonna do this today a self rule what have you mapped out for us. Some gonna have fun first thing I know what I think it's a tub I get is the metal Tulsa a lot of the jury's actually. In sync with the beauty industry we want to signaling want to pick a metal Cullen the really resonates with your skin tone so for you don't. We thought about rose gold slowly yeah. I didn't. It's beautiful it's not very common it's so warm with your complexion. It's also like rarer. And the white diamond stand out nicely against the contrast to the most you can read the detail of the metal. And see the white diamonds really pretty our values Michael hold up yet so yeah. Tonight good good so I picked yellow gold for sour I believe she looks so lovely in summer colors. And it's soft it's ready. Good angle to the piercing or deliberate OK is all about. A lot of times people don't stick out like that we're gonna make sure it's forward facing which is how an actress. Aboard you've got to seeing this. Good kid connect for Maria passage appears to Danielle Robinson and Kiki and Sam. All right are you ready and planning z.'s wedding and you didn't like gung ho Lee ready to go and it didn't could keep your perks. Maria I'm. Cleaning it actually wick on alcohol and we have another. A cleanser as well that will be using and then just sitting front and back it's not just a dot it's actually a tunnel to the piercings who want to make sure. That's a little pieces. Everything's as clean as possible you know she's using one set of gloves to Pratt and movies and star gloves to clean. We use a stinging news. Single use pen here. That's permanent marker. So we can and we actually draw adopt the same size as the jury which is then there are among PP poll my hand you can squeeze my hand and body unique to this. And I didn't really happening in the clean and in my mouth she's at home the Kidd and the thing I know the more than. I got here on this then have you looked right at me at city Arizona like. Primary cook. Okay. That's what I do. Long. List I was leaving your hand arguments we've been. If you will get Billy yeah. Sources tell left thinking here. How we haven't we didn't want to look at this before it looked like this the world's random collection of your. Lot all right look great there you are. Understood the say a normal in the same thing would say they're right. They were doing and your low piercing either similar procedures seemed to speed of the piercings. We're gonna clean unmarked escape LLC to know everything's about and so Britain under the industry but they're actually difficult to do very well. You know. We'll put it appears that they need to do extra marking to make sure the fun in the back on level and that's forward facing selected daughters one. Refusing sexiest 3-D tunnels we need to match of the 3-D Max isn't it without god if you want to that tunnel. You've unturned in laying. You got all my hands going to be five. You couldn't so quick that. Yeah. Okay. Or. Although it doesn't look pretty beauty yeah lunch didn't get out of this is amazing all right Daryn before. And Sierra. After. Okay.

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{"duration":"7:29","description":"Piercing expert Maria Tash applies the latest ear mapping trend to Sara and Keke.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68355560","title":"Sara and Keke get their ears pierced","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/sara-keke-ears-pierced-68355560"}