Sara and Keke are going undercover as men

The women are taking on a new look for their take on Bravo's show "In A Man's World."
2:59 | 10/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sara and Keke are going undercover as men
Yeah, the bravo show. "In a man's world" women go undercover dressed as men to find out what it's likelying as the other sex. It's great. You know nothing about this. It shows whether men and women are treated equally. It's fascinating. Take a look. When was the moment you knew you needed to do this? I was playing in the U.S. Open and I was crushing this guy. He starts laughing. It was con did he know sending. She just butchered this ball. I went to say good-bye and he said is your cousin really interested in a pool cue. He's a natural pool player. Shut up. Wow. Have any of you guys seen it? No. You can tonight. There's an episode that airs tonight on bravo. Sara and I are so into this. We're obsessed to try it. We're going to go deep undercover, new face, new hair, new 'dos. New body. I cannot wait. This is us. You guys did it? We got our prosthetics made. We need a new face. I had no idea my ears were so big until this. You have to be trained. There's training. So what was the training like? You probably got to walk different. Voice and movement. Can you -- can we see how you're going to walk? Hell, yeah. I've been practicing. I'll let Sara do the walk. I want to see it. It's hard in these outfits. Walk normal. Okay. That's Sara. This is SHAWN. She's really good at that walk. She's really good at that walk. Keline, do you want to show them? Do I have to show them my walk? Yeah. You guys want to see the walk? Yeah, we want to see the walk. You got this, keline. That's how you walk down the street? Yeah. This is me as keline. Own your space, keline. Yeah! Hold on. I've seen that walk before. You walking just like president Obama. That's how he used to walk. You got to do a little point, do a little pick up. Walking into the U.N. Like. I cannot wait. I didn't know you two were going to do this. We're so excited. We also had to drop our voice. We have to learn to talk like guys. How you doin' over there, SHAWN? I'm doin' good. How about you, keline? You know I'm just chilling, bro. I got to say once you two are doing it, don't do what you just did. Whatever. You're gonna give yourselves

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"The women are taking on a new look for their take on Bravo's show \"In A Man's World.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66290326","title":"Sara and Keke are going undercover as men","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/sara-keke-undercover-men-66290326"}