Sara talks to parenting expert Nanny Connie about life under quarantine

Connie shares her tips for dealing with kids during this stressful time.
5:01 | 04/21/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sara talks to parenting expert Nanny Connie about life under quarantine
Eight every night eat these are strange times and I know and probably light a lot of parents out there. Absolutely grateful for the time and getting my kids but. Feeling a bit overwhelmed. So I enlisted the help might go to nineteen errors she an overnight house if she knows exactly what I'm dealing with and lion dealing with it she is the author of me any Connie secrets to mastering the first or month apparently. Any tiny well some. Error. We issued. A every T is good the good it is it is king and I've been meaning to write you he had an eight time problem and so C enter into or Alec week in the middle of the night nature better and one of them walking to our room we hate how we'll activate aren't we walked in back. Ian Graham will sometimes in it you never know which weakening though she shall throw. Interment Melvin. I don't wanted to get our bad to solve it so I think. Meeting in the middle I don't want her to wake up Alec by taking her all the way back in bed and she starts to throw it can termites eat on her what would you do. Not. Earth. You sit at this straight. I mean that's how it's back. I didn't even more. And they can't express how elated expressed. Anxiety or so it. In our. Those who has a ways and it would be and it's sweet white and green Bay Area. And a place and seeing how you're really near. In the weeks and you. Opt out you. Are right know me. Don't go to. You. Can you know hundreds of. She's in. Her O and now. Another glitch that. Many. You need he can't. He hurt her aunt. And yet again. And how do you your battle in just less in the T factor. And important team. Parents need. Your eighties. And yeah all. In the area. Well this stuff in the area and you all of I in the area and it no. Street. Probably. As clear as well. Always shot. Me he. Yeah who moved out. Sir. Become more 28. In the hills may well. Yeah. Right you know you're not unlike. Growth and how. No matter what it's not here only. Ready. You if you allocate water. For. Years and now we get away by. Have a viewer question and from our Bjork is Sandra she asks. How do you not allowed him to get too attached I feel like make kids were so independent before this but now they are mean Bellini and whiny. I think he shouldn't. Oh challenge. Continue to. Our women. Well let. Me he. Ended. Six. Computer. You know you're them. They steal a car you know. Or. I. We. This motion. Oh yeah. All our. East. And so. Let me. We can continue to. Any Connie I always feel so much armor and better. You know you are right lightness roping. Literally an expert so. Jane EO. Will kids and I mean are you to beat yeah. I.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"Connie shares her tips for dealing with kids during this stressful time.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70272958","title":"Sara talks to parenting expert Nanny Connie about life under quarantine","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/sara-talks-parenting-expert-nanny-connie-life-quarantine-70272958"}