‘Shark Tank’ Edition of Deals & Steals

Tory Johnson features some of the popular products from the hit show.
5:14 | 02/18/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ‘Shark Tank’ Edition of Deals & Steals
to show us some steals on items featured on the hit show "Shark tank." Which is always one of my favorite shows. As always we partnered with these companies with incredible savings. I recognize this one, squatty, potty. This is one of original "Shark tank" successes. And their motto is the number one way to go number two. You see it all over these things. It says poop better -- we can talk about it, it's okay. We all do this. We all need this. This is good. So it's for proper toilet posture. Proper toilet posture. Okay, we've got every single size and model for you to choose from. They start at $24. Today they're slashed in half and start at $12.50. Michael, come right here. Oh, my gosh. You're breaking the product. Actually that's not going to work now. You guys, look. Look. What do I do? Take a pen. Okay. Take a pen. Oh, my gosh, Michael. Michael, look. This is so cool. It's egg-mazing. Michael, look. You're messing up my egg. Michael, look. Oh, wow. This is really cool. Keep going, keep going, keep going. Lori griener invested in this. It's the easiest way to have a lot of fun decorating eggs without the mess. Change the color, Michael. It's ugly. Way too much green. Whose egg is this? Actually it's very pretty. It's very pretty. And you can make eggs with this. Normally $25 and it comes with eight of the markers, it's slashed in half, $12.50. That is so cool. That's really beautiful. I love that. I love that. So this is called pristine. This spray turns any piece of toilet paper into a wet wipe. So wet wipes can't go in the toilet. That could come in handy. After the squatty potty. You eat enough eggs you're going to need the squatty potty and this. Because wet wipes can't go in the toilet. They're not environmentally friendly. This allows it to be a biodegradable, wet wipe. Normally starts at $21, today slashed in half, $10.50. Sara knows this one. This is my favorite thing, ever. Good hangups. You like, these little magnets allow you to hang anything anywhere on any surface. Rather than putting a nail, you can put this magnet. You can hang things anywhere. And look at these little hooks. These little hooks will hold up to a pound. They're awesome for things like, the scissors, the dog leash. Keys can hang on this. Jewelry on this. So many different things. What's keeping this guy up? He's a hanger himself? Oh, wow. It's sticky on the back. You can use it on jewelry, any kind of lightweight thing. If you put it near the door it's good for keys or the dog leash. These start normally at $22 depending on what you choose. They're slashed in half, $11. 11 bucks, you can't beat that. Vibes, this was just recently on "Shark tank." These are the perfect earplugs. These are earplugs, they come in a little convenient case so when you're in loud environments, whether it's a concert -- Work. If you're here when Tom is warming up the audience -- this -- all it's going do is reduce the volume in loud environment. That blocks everything out. I can't hear you! What? And you can get it with or without a cord. Normally $24 to $27, slashed in half, $12.to $13.50. Are these baby clothes? Yes, this is sleeping baby. This is an alternative to swaddling. It mimics the same -- it mimics the swaddling, the way it cuts allows the baby to sleep better. Like a swaddle. Exactly right. That's so cute. Isn't it cute? A variety of sizes. We really got to get through we're running out of time. Today it starts at $12.50. Oh, my gosh. Wait, wait, wait. Our audience we're not leaving you guys home, you're going home with products from

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{"duration":"5:14","description":"Tory Johnson features some of the popular products from the hit show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69049640","title":"‘Shark Tank’ Edition of Deals & Steals","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/shark-tank-edition-deals-steals-69049640"}