Shay Mitchell reveals her momfession, talks ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and more

The actress shares her experiences as a new mom.
3:04 | 02/19/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Shay Mitchell reveals her momfession, talks ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and more
We have this segment called momfessions, where we admit that's hard and a safe place to kind of, you know, put stuff out there, anything people would be surprised to learn about you and motherhood? When I was in the hospital about to give birth I had an epidural and I don't know if you know, you're not allowed to eat or anything like that. No. I never heard one. You're not allowed to eat. I'm so proud of you. They said you're only allowed broth, I have been here for 30 hours, broth? Absolutely not. I had cheese crackers and salami. I snuck it in my bag. Is there any danger to it? If they have to perform surgery you can't food -- you were really banking on no surgery. I love breaking some hospital rules. You have to. Another thing I love that you've been so open about breastfeeding and I think it needs to normalize. You tweeted at me once and I was so excited. I literally said something about having your back and your front. I loved that, yes. It was a little literal. A little too excited. No, but -- Michael. We have talked about you and matte and things along the way, as parents you disagree, two minds trying to do one thing together. What has been your latest disagreement and how did you handle it? The sleep training thing, I mean it's hard. You hear them cry. I'm like, I'll go get her. And he's like no. And vice versa. It's that kind of constant we have to be a team here. Yeah, absolutely. I wanted to ask you, what made you to decide to do the big thing revealing with the YouTube, keeping the fans involved along the way? I wanted to bring them along for this crazy experience. Everybody's journey is so different. This is mine. There are a lot of amazing things but there are also some things you're like. So, yeah, I wanted to share the good and the maybe not so good. Yeah, I like that. Now you teamed up with Pampers, which seems to be perfect, because you're a new mom. So tell us about that. Thank you, thank you. I'm just trying to be striving to be Kinder to myself. And look at myself through my daughter's eyes. Which is why this campaign share the love is so important. Creating that positive conversation and letting other moms know we're not alone. Pampers discovered that nine out of ten moms believe they're not doing a good enough job. I haven't met that one mom that does. Where is she? Show the moms in your life using the #sharethelove and tell those women around you that they're doing a great job because that's what we need to hear sometimes.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"The actress shares her experiences as a new mom.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69074656","title":"Shay Mitchell reveals her momfession, talks ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and more","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/shay-mitchell-reveals-momfession-talks-pretty-liars-69074656"}