SSK Big Fast TV Wedding: Kiana’s hair and makeup looks

Celebrity hair stylist Vernon Francois and make-up artist Mickey Williams have three distinct looks for Kiana to choose from for her big day.
5:41 | 02/26/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for SSK Big Fast TV Wedding: Kiana’s hair and makeup looks
It's day three of our big fast TV wedding and we're back with Kiana who's getting married right here this Friday. We got fashion and wedding expert Jessica Mulroney here to help Kiana play her wedding in just five days. In case you missed what happened, we have what happened right here. Will you marry me this Friday on "Strahan, Sara & keke"? We're getting married! We're going to plan your dream wedding in five days. I'm going to take you dress shopping today. All right, ssk viewers, this is where it gets really interesting. You have a chance to help Kiana pick her dress for the very big day, dress a, dress B or dress C? Yesterday, our viewers vote and picked a dress and they sent our system into overdrive. Now we're figuring out what hair and makeup she'll be wearing down the aisle. Y'all came through with the looks today, too. Kiana, this is definitely very different. How do you feel about a viewer picking your dress for you. Honestly, I'm very grateful, to have everyone share in this process it's amazing. It's such a joy and you have your mother here today. Josh with the surprise proposal. It's really special. Josh came to me last year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, almost a year to today, we didn't know my prognosis, so he didn't know if I would be here to see him get married. He said, mom, I want to propose to Kiana. We planned it, we talked about it, thank god I'm cancer-free. Amen. But it was a really hard year for our family. It means so much to have something so beautiful to start off our year. You're pretty much high school sweet hearts. Yes. You've been here with Kiana the entire journey. Give us some tips. When it comes to hair and makeup, I mean these are great, great looks. Some of the general tips, it's not the time to be expermital. You know, you should really do something that you feel confident in, you feel good in, a little bit elevated, I sometimes have seen some disastrous things happen with red lips and the first kiss and always remember that makeup is billable, you can start off with something fresher. Red lips and white dresses don't mix very well. Speaking of great looks, today we brought in our friend, celebrity hairstylest and educator, Vernon Francois. With three different bridal looks. First of all the makeup, we had three different looks. The classic bride, right, this is a classic bridal look, the soft contours around the eyes and the cheeks, those little puffs of glow, elevated a little bit of that lip color and eye makeup. But it's matte. I wanted to keep it texture. You can still have a crown and put the hair up and slick the edges, some really beautiful crowning situation. I'm obsessed with this look. She's having the crown situation. What's next. And then -- We have the modern bride. And she's all about the shirm, all the highlights and the nonmathe. You don't have to do the hard contours. You can make her glow. Nude lip. That's also going to work for the bride, we don't want the red lip. A gloss, gloss from the lips to the eyes I wanted to keep the texture again. I wanted to keep the texture. You can do the blowout but still have the romantic texture there. Romantic waves. Giving you some attitude. I'm making it look really beautiful. Keeping it simple. Don't go too far out of your comfort zone. I think that might get my vote. And then the last one -- We have the glam bride. Again this is brighter lip but it's a stain. It won't go anywhere. We glossed over that and we also shimmer, for the girl who really loves her make yurp and wants to stand out. She's going to be adding that extra little shimmer, that pump of lip color and that gorgeous sparkly eye. Please clap. This is a beautiful combination of texture meets sophistication, meets slick and this is a really great -- this is great hairstyle that will take you from the beginning of the wedding to the end of the wedding. You don't have to worry because this is what it's designed to do and it's romantic. Thank you, ssk viewers, choose the bridal hair and makeup Kiana will wear on her big day which is this Friday. Go to And tomorrow, top three tips to a worry-free wedding. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"5:41","description":"Celebrity hair stylist Vernon Francois and make-up artist Mickey Williams have three distinct looks for Kiana to choose from for her big day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69235792","title":"SSK Big Fast TV Wedding: Kiana’s hair and makeup looks","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/ssk-big-fast-tv-wedding-kianas-hair-makeup-69235792"}