SSK Fishbowl Friday: Do you like to eat alone?

Michael, Sara and Keke tackle questions about blocking co-workers, dining out solo and more.
8:19 | 10/11/19

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Transcript for SSK Fishbowl Friday: Do you like to eat alone?
I'm so excited today. I'm excited too. It's Friday. It's Friday Friday Y'all remember that song back in the day? The Rebecca black song. It's Friday, Friday, Friday Okay, okay. I'm excited for Friday for several things. Talk to us. Friday is keke's reality recap. We get to catch up on all the reality. We have Lacey chabert. Lacey is here. Stop trying to make fetch happen. I love you. Are you all going to do "Mean girl" quotes? No. I only pull those out for you guys because you have to sit with me. Okay. We have pumpkin carving. We have some set up right now. Looks so good. That's really good. Some very large pumpkins as well. Size doesn't matter with carving. Okay. That's what they say. Also we have the host of "Halloween wars." Yeah. Perfect. That's perfect in time for our pumpkin carving. Speaking of pumpkins, here's some cool video. In Florida in the keys under water pumpkin carving. Oh! That's crazy. Who thinks of these things? A pumpkin carving contest under water. We'll try our hand at carving these pumpkins later. Not under water. Not under water, though. We're going to try our hand at carving it. You think we could do that? No. We're not going to do well on land. The idea of going under water is not going to come out. Those are really good. He got the eye coming out of that one. I'm trying to figure out which one I can fit in my trunk to take home. You know what I'm really excited about on a Friday? It's "Fish bowl Friday." "Fish bowl Friday" is when you send in your questions and we answer your questions. Here we go. Hey, team, is it okay that I block all my clients and co-workers on my phone when I leave work every day? What? I don't block you, Sara. I just block Michael. You do not block me. I don't. Do you think it's okay? It seems like a lot of work to block people every day. You like blocking people? Yes. I don't block anybody. I block people. You can send me messages all day long. Just because you're sending them to me doesn't mean I have to answer until I'm ready to answer. Why would I have to block? Blocking would take a lot of time. By the time you wrapped that up and go to bed, you'll see those people in person. I think that person is blocking them because they don't want to be bothered at home. Turn your phone on airplane mode. You don't have to block everyone. There's a lot of other ways to achieve it. I don't think you can do that in this day and age with any job you have. Not that you should be working all the time, but you don't know. That's why people have anxiety when their phone is away from them. They're like what if this is the big call I'm going to get. You feel like you're missing something. It's pho-mo. It's not just pho-mo. I don't remember ever living without my phone. If you leave it behind and you run an errand, don't you panic that that emergency call is coming in right now. So true. No. You can't block that. It's dangerous. That's why you should block people. That's what I do. What? When you -- being a Virgo, if something happens where we feel turned off and you don't want to address it -- You're dead to us. You won't exist. I will block you. If I see you out, I'm like god I do block. I have no shame in my game. I don't block. I blocked people, but I don't block my co-workers and friends when I leave work. I don't -- you could text me about anything at any time. I'll get to it when I get to it. I don't block people. He likes to hang people on a thread. He likes to read messages and If I read it, I answer. Michael, I remember forever ago I didn't write you back. You said I didn't hear back. I don't know how many times you go until it's courtesy to let them off the hook. Is it the last emoji? I do it when I feel tired. I felt he would feel obligated to write me back, so I let him off the hook. He was like I didn't write back. I was like oh. That's why I haven't texted you since. Wait. I got a fish bowl question. What you got? "The New York post" has an article about how many meals the average American eats alone. It's 7.4 a week. Do you like eating alone? I do sometimes. Yeah, why not? You guys like eating alone? Yeah. Especially if it's a restaurant my friends don't like. A lot of times my friends don't like eat sushi. I want to eat sushi, love. I won't go with you. I'll go by myself. I love sushi. You two knock yourselves out. Yeah, boo, spicy tuna, crispy rice. I'll go. My choice is not sushi. What's your choice? I'm used to understanding my dietary intake. If I go eat sushi, I don't know how much rice I ate, fish I ate. I don't know if I had greens. Then I leave and two hours later I need a pizza. I can't judge what I eat. That is true about sushi. You could eat so much sushi and come out and be hungry. I hate that. What's up? I'm eating all these carbs. That's the same with mini candy bars. You eat a thousand it's like doesn't amount to a full bar. You just keep eating them. Eating alone is fun. When I've travelled for work, I love room service by myself. Crack open a little wine. Sit there and binge watch TV. That sounds like a problem. In a restaurant -- You cracking open wine in a room service by yourself. Michael, don't judge. I'm not like let me break open that scotch. I didn't hit the mini bar. I like a little glass of wine. Don't let him judge you, sister. I understand. Thank you. Do you remember that part in "Forgetting Sarah marshal" where he goes to the restaurant and he goes you're here alone? Is that weird? You want a magazine? I won't go to a restaurant by myself. Every once in a while I'll do that. Not a restaurant, but breakfast while I'm traveling. I don't mind that. I like being home by myself, no energy of any other type in that house. Give me that plate of food and I'll sit on that couch and eat it. Got me a little TV. I love driving by myself. I love driving by myself. Love driving by myself. That's one of the things I miss about California is driving in a car by myself. If there's a new album, or podcast or something I want to listen to. I'm in that car like ha ha ha. I love it. I like going to the movies by myself. That makes me sad. Your like going to movies by yourself? Max gets mad I make noises. I laugh. I laugh so ugly. When I saw "Girls' trip," I was doubled over in my seat. Max gets embarrassed. Or I'll ask him a question and I'm like why is that guy in here? He's like I don't know. I'm watching the movie for the first time. I talk a lot. You're one of those? Yes. I'm like I haven't seen it. I'm watching it with you. You go to the horror movie with me, I'm like a narrative in the movie. I guess that's not good. I'm the same way. We can go together. Quiet your cell phones and your Saras. Let me know what movie you're going to. I won't be there. All right, everybody. Please keep sending us your

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{"duration":"8:19","description":"Michael, Sara and Keke tackle questions about blocking co-workers, dining out solo and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66211108","title":"SSK Fishbowl Friday: Do you like to eat alone?","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/ssk-fishbowl-friday-eat-66211108"}