Suzanne Somers opens up about aging

The "A New Way To Age" author shares her thoughts about getting older.
6:21 | 01/09/20

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Transcript for Suzanne Somers opens up about aging
We are continuing our happy new year, happy new you week, and today we're focusing on a new way to age, and no one has captured that better than our next guest. We fell in love with her as Chrissy snow on "Three's company," and who could forget her as Carol on "Step by step"? Step by step she's back to share her wisdom with us on her new book "A new way to age." Please welcome the timeless Suzanne somers. Oh, look at that. Wow. And, you know, we are such huge fans of yours. I loved your "Three's company" opening. I loved it. Thank you. One of the most fun things we have ever done. And you all embodied it. You each captured -- I was watching and I went, they got it. They got it. Thank you. I'm very critical of anybody playing Chrissy and you got it. You don't follow in your shoes without doing a ton of research. When I got that part, I would have taken any part. I would have played a monkey fine. It was my first job, but I thought, wow. Dumb blondes are so unlikable. How I do make a dumb blonde that is likable and loveable? I gave her a moral code what she would and would not do, and her outrage at people, like, doing the wrong thing, and I gave her, like, the posture and it was mething like -- I have one leg today, but anyway the shoulders go up, the knees go in, and I would watch little girls and they would do things with their hands like that, and if you see Chrissy snow, she does that all the time, and she became this woman-child that people wanted to protect and I knew when I owned the character when they laughed before Chrissy said it. They knew what she was going to do next, and then you go, okay. I got it. So anyway. It's amazing to hear the choices and how you came one this character because a lot of people say, it's words on the paper. You get out there, and you say them. You have gone from TV icon to best-selling author. Crazy, isn't it? It's crazy, and you have written several books and you have your new book, "A new way to age". That's my 27th book. 27th? 27th book. One of the most powerful things you mention in this book is we determine our longevity. Totally. What do you mean by that? Look at the present paradigm of aging which is something you're not doing yet because you're all so young, but it's something that's unpleasant. It's decrepit, and it's frail, it's one of the big three, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, and it's amazing how many people just sort of expect that's going to happen to them. If you don't like that picture, then the sooner you start making better choices, the less likely you're going to end up like that. So the greatest thing that happened to me, and I know -- The greatest thing that happened to me, and I know this sounds weird, was getting cancer. It was, like, my wakeup call. What have I done to play host to this disease? We're all on TV sets all the time, and there's a craft table. Should be called the crap table. A bunch of Orange powder. There's no Orange powder in nature except for turmeric, and believe me, there's no turmeric on any craft table. I thought I was eating healthy and taking care of myself, but I wasn't. I was eating crap, and whatever I felt like because I had a good figure and it didn't seem to matter. And then I was staying up late and writing my books thinking that I was ahead of the game. Sleep is a game changer. When I lecture to women, I always say, how many in this audience sleep five hours or less? Usually every hand goes up. Now if you are not sleeping seven hours to eight hours, you aren't getting the repair that sleep provides. So what I found in this book, is you can put back everything that you have lost in the aging process naturally through lab work. So for me, when I started losing my hormones and if you haven't lost them yet, really get ready. I call it this seven dwarves of menopause. Itchy, bitchy, sleepy, sweaty, bloated, forgetful and all dried up. They're no fun to live with at all. Ask my husband. In fact, my ask, I'm always in a good mood and he said to me one day, you know, a marriage can only take so much of this. I thought, oh my god. I'm taking it out on the person I love the most, and when you don't sleep night after night after night after night, you kind of get in a bad mood. It's a torture. What I have been teaching women which is such a privilege, is through lab work, find out exactly where your deficiencies are, and put back exactly what you need. What you need, what you will need one day is different than what she will need, different than what I need, and then as we age because of all the toxicity, it's knocking out our ability to absorb minerals and nutrients. If you don't absorb minerals and nutrients, your body doesn't work at optimum. Think of yours body as a maserati. You would never put inferior fuel into a maserati. Michael tells us all about it. He has a maserati. Do you? Do you have a maserati? Don't listen to her. I want a maserati. One thing we talk about, you know, a new way to age, right? Uh-huh. In this book, in the first pages, you thank your husband Alan in fostering of relationships is a new way to age as well. Absolutely. How do you foster your relationships? 50 magical years that are still magical. 50 years. I'll tell you something else. When you are -- when you put yourself back together hormonally and everything, you have a great libido. Our kids are raised. I got to check those minerals. Our kids are raised, and everybody thinks when the kids are out of the house that, like, okay. Now you're going towards the end, and it's a whole new chapter. We discovered tequila. Oh. And I'm having fun and I'm having sex and I'm drinking tequila and I love my husband. Yes. Yes. Honestly your life sounds spring break and I'm here for it. Be sure to check out Suzanne's

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