Ask Us Anything: Michael's birthday edition

Sara, Keke, Debbie Gibson, Nick Lachey, Terry Bradshaw and Tony Gonzalez answer audience questions all about Michael.
5:09 | 11/21/19

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Transcript for Ask Us Anything: Michael's birthday edition
I hit it on the it's time the UIs to advance in evening. And Lou really helped. Rep today because Karen rat shot and Don evens outs are going to. He wouldn't residents voted ten M. First up is well known. When Winona whenever. Okay. Authorities are very thing. Soon. And new. I think the question didn't read and I like relationship can. Yeah the next question though stupidity that you are you you there my yet don't like Kiki. I'm Katie that's I'm from Kentucky and I have a question Boortz he he and Sarah holiday this for Michael's birthday I was wondering if you guys can tell us anything that he would it want asked to know about how. You won't want to opinion but only I know exactly what eighty. There are what my was he said it before he really eat. Loves the song my Taylor Swift shake it off and I think is that a lot of really weird in the beginning of the guys that song and you let one get us TV like you really do like that's when I remove do you like yes perhaps singing yeah yeah. Later he sings it all the time. He wasn't anybody who now have until but I did keep them down just like why. And Michael hates surprises. Sell it never leaves suddenly came from but nobody has been able really times I'm that you have right now. I happened to the next prison which is Sarah there was a back. Beautiful name. Highlighted there I'm from New York City and my question is caring. What he's from there we aren't here. Yeah. Yeah. It is deep think Michael can catch a football from you. Wu. Now I would tell you might still frustrated tidy and exiting easier he he would like to have been Tony gabbana yeah. I thought it or about it. The box early. It's from new grad normally and yeah. A hi I'm frankly it's great. Okay. Who in turn might god put me on the spot here but what is your favorite Debbie Gibson song and favorite. Only in my real. And I do. That's so exciting that is why. W know who I was the only thing and it from the tiny. British yeah. My name is looks aren't you from Boston and discussions with Sony will complete and can be seen problems on Andrea happy to have you today but my question to you is. What surprise birthday gift you have to Michael. Oh yeah. Yeah. I've got got everything you read through. That made it sing a song via who murdered the little back to. I.

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{"duration":"5:09","description":"Sara, Keke, Debbie Gibson, Nick Lachey, Terry Bradshaw and Tony Gonzalez answer audience questions all about Michael.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67202598","title":"Ask Us Anything: Michael's birthday edition","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/us-michaels-birthday-edition-67202598"}