The dad's guide to summer movies

Comedian Matt Fisher has advice for all the movie-going dads out there.
2:58 | 08/05/19

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Transcript for The dad's guide to summer movies
All of us parents know when August comes you're looking for any excuse to get the kids out of the house. What? Here with the dad's guide to summer movies is comedian and dad expert Matt fisher. Check it out. My name is Matt fisher. I'm an average dad, except for my looks. This is the dad's guide to summer movies. Summer has arrived and with it, a dad's best friend -- summer movie season. You waited all year for school to end so you can have summer fun with your kids. Summer movies are the perfect summertime activity because it's fun and it's inside. Sitting down in air-conditioning. Bottom line, you're out having fun with your kids. When I give my credit card at the box office I say keep my tab open. Number one, live it up at the movies. These days you can watch a movie on your TV, or your phone. So, if you're making the time to spend the money to go to movie theater, get the food, all the food. Just remember, if something's worth doing, it's worth doing dressed as captain America. You've taken your kids to the movie, congrats, you're a fun dad. You loaded up on snacks and soda. But hold on, a large movie soda is large -- like, really large. Which means you and your kids will be spending less time in there and more time in here. If you have a 6-year-old you're looking at 8 ounces of liquid. This is an 8-ounce cup and this is a large soda. Yeah, if you buys this soda, you better be buying it for Henry fonda's ghost. It's a dad joke. And finally, tip number three, don't wait for the perfect movie. Oscar season is for picking people. Summer is about finding something that looks good and sounds good. For example, my first movie experience was seeing "E.T." At the drive-in. Like many of us, I found "E.T." To be horrifying. So much so that I just checked out for the mex hour and half. But I'll always having the memory of playing on a swing set with my dad. Summer has arrived. Aliens are invading. Plucky underdogs are making it to the state championships. Superheroes have to work together as a team. You can't miss out on all that. Fill your pockets with candy bars with 8 ounces of soda. Jump in the car. And meet me at the movie theater. This has been the dad's guide to the movies. Be sure to check out this

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Comedian Matt Fisher has advice for all the movie-going dads out there.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64784245","title":"The dad's guide to summer movies","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/dads-guide-summer-movies-64784245"}