Ellie Goulding never stops hustling

The pop star gets real with Keke about the music industry, her life and more.
4:54 | 07/19/19

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Transcript for Ellie Goulding never stops hustling
Girl, I have to tell you this, I love astrology and you're capricorn and I'm Virgo. The stars are aligned. They're so aligned. You're engaged. You're getting ready to T married? Yes. Clap for that. I just fit my engagement ring back on my finger because my finger was too fat. You got this big rock. You got the other jewelry popping. What is he into? He's into art. Cool. He's a painter himself? Well, he does a bit of painting, but he likes to sell it and he specializes in it. He sounds really rich. I'm kidding. I know you work out a lot, and that's how you deal with your anxiety. I suffer with anxiety itself. I think this industry -- How it cannot be anxiety-inducing. It's the weirdest world in the world. Fitness is like the one thing where my mind is just focused on the workout and just on what's in front of me. So, if I'm on the treadmill or doing weights or whatever, I don't think about anything else than what I'm doing in the moment. Are you more outside or more inside? I'm more outside girl. I grew up on the countryside. I love being out in nature. Sometimes on that treadmill, girl, doesn't it make -- Boring. So true. Put it uphill, you're kind of climbing something. Where did you write "Love like me I do"? Well you know what, funny you mention that, that's the one song I didn't write. Girl, you're kidding me. A very short story, someone came to me and said, we got this song on this film -- I read the book, child. And I needed and I kind of vaguely knew the director and knew her work, and I went to meet her. I never sing a song that's not mine before. But because I really wanted to work with max martin -- Oh, max martin. I went to the studio and I, was, you know, completely in awe, obsessed with him. I went into the booth and just recorded this song for nine hours, nonstop. Oh, my gosh. I was so excited to do a song with -- Was he really intense? Because nine hours. It was pretty intense. Your vocals are on point. After I put all that work in it ended up being my song. I know that's really difficult in music industry, you know, for myself even, when you want to be so much a part of what you're doing but you have these other people trying to tell you, it becomes stifling. What was your journey like with that? It's very important for people around you, I always stuck with that, really, the same person I feel like I was ten years ago. I'm a bit older. I look a bit aged. Generally -- Girl, you look good. What's been that journey? The first album was 2009? Yeah. That's ten years ago. How have you differ, what's the transformation? I imagine there's a lot of evolution. I've learned a lot. I definitely picked up a lot from traveling all over the world and meeting so many people, reading so many books, listening to people, I listen a lot, that's important. Very capricorn of you. Yeah, exactly. You know, I have evolved naturally as a woman. I feel like I stayed a teenager for like ten years and then all of a sudden a woman. Girl, what is that like? I feel like I'm never going to become a woman. I'm 25. You're 25. You're wise. Oh, stop. Keep going. You're wise. An old soul. I feel like a teenager in my when does that go away? You're 25, you're doing you're doing great. Honestly, you're wise. Thank you so much. But no, it's taken a lot and I think that -- I don't know I just learned a lot in this job. What would you say to someone who's like how do I stay in it and push past all the bull --? It's a lot of hard work and dedication. Girl, that hustling is no joke. That's why you moved to new York. When I first started out I would nonstop walk into pubs and restaurants and clubs to get them to have me sing. I still do it now. You always have to hustle. You know, the worst that can happen is they're going to say no. That's not that bad. You just keep going. That's what I did. I love that. Thank you so much for sitting and hanging out with us.

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"The pop star gets real with Keke about the music industry, her life and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64441295","title":"Ellie Goulding never stops hustling","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/ellie-goulding-stops-hustling-64441295"}