That Girl Lay Lay performs her viral hit 'Mama'

Check out this performance from the youngest female rapper signed to a major record label.
7:42 | 07/15/19

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Transcript for That Girl Lay Lay performs her viral hit 'Mama'
My girl back there that girl. Well being of the youngest female rapper to ever be signed to a major record labels from. Yeah this is like bush is well on its filing in my dad's face Epstein that's as well. I'll go to studio would hand him watching here and that's how I ninety. Yet when you before you know her rented. An apple you got it wasn't until he had a long format and that operation. Isn't so how does he sat back he won't allow his arm around a Mac and the action on the mantle back burping and. No I'm feeling right now I don't want. Do you have like this crazies sake sort of buzz. Drive the so that's my. How out and yeah oh yeah complaint is that low fat and hotels people had seen and I think now ramp in the eyes you know see my face. Now you're twelve so deadly no time the boy but you actually have a solo what you say and how that welcome without. And her. Finger and his backhand yeah Paul will now that night landing mat. And they can't. That's not a good I got a lot and then look and then back yeah it is focused on McNamee is now boring spot detonated their badly about god. Or. It is young and got the boy that had been great and I'm kind of self Mena is at twelve years old. To be the do. I like me don't poke me yeah. And not me it's a way that my element last night like tonight. At least 101000 has come near by Atlanta live block. I am glad you like odd candidate apparently thinking it saying. Now you on the bus today and noble is solely to perform and perform. Mom and yeah. I. Yeah cloaking it amounts to what it is about war and how he met and listen to him out OK you better. Yeah this is not mom. Canada. Ample exciting go ahead take dilemma the. Okay. Okay. Are you wouldn't need. Yeah. Every. Yeah yeah. Brandon. Okay. Allen yes. It wasn't. Arianna I might yeah yeah. Leave you here Indian diesel agent and jagged. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm part about reform because he has come and allow analysts say. When the crack and a pat is not plainly and that Lincoln he was mom and and that didn't happen yeah yeah. Does it end of the female rappers that there which of them big thing right now it's so many female rappers coming into the game but you bringing this positive thing. How did you come out with a O'Leary's visit that help you how does that work. And aren't helped me some does yeah. A long hair. There have web site does that is total. Video that we like you do want my and it kind of really be brutally Byron brook and what do you feel what is and what ended as a response we Nassau having. How can we won't know until a backup for his bat right. We're not saying at this sound like oh wow that. I mean Pakistan's apathy and remains in nearly. And whenever I doubt flip elaborate on the prime youth programs. I will. Just recording came we will pretty cool and I'm coast. I don't need a little I am an unsafe in any demand that Arab and. And we don't want her now do you think your name and Miley your name is Arianna. How many god and he's the Lilly let. Boom means. I miss out how many have I had alone apparently didn't all lose you won't ignite his middle name brands why it. Yeah had a funny nude dancing. Don't see the work that you do behind the scenes I'm me at the key I know that elected body that we're crazy rehearsals here in the steel from major not a time to probably have to do your schooling in the wheel well maybe not able to be around your frame of all the time I met. But the sacrifices for your dream. Yeah you. Hard but all of that today and I aside what have you cry and you look like that would make amends eat Ugandan. And that. Okay. I didn't have platforms please mention to check how she will be huge.

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{"duration":"7:42","description":"Check out this performance from the youngest female rapper signed to a major record label.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64343666","title":"That Girl Lay Lay performs her viral hit 'Mama'","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/girl-lay-lay-performs-viral-hit-mama-64343666"}