Keke and Lance are here for Beyonce's new video

Bey's 'Spirit' video just dropped and Keke and Lance have thoughts.
9:21 | 07/18/19

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Transcript for Keke and Lance are here for Beyonce's new video
So many good things to talk about today. So much going on in the world. Did you guys check out those Emmy nominations? Yes. Super excited about this. Television is my life, and I am so excited. "Freak" finally got nominated. My girl Joey king. I don't know if you guys checked it out on hulu where this mother had munchausen's. She pretty much kind of made her daughter sick while saying her daughter was sick and her daughter actually wasn't. Gypsy rose. It was really, really good and Joey king got nominated. So happy for her. "Game of thrones" was nominated for a record 32 emmys this year. "Game of thrones" fans out there. "Game of thrones" is such a good -- I'm sad that it's over. I will say though the last season didn't give me what I wanted. Well, a lot of people say that. Yeah, yeah. I think they kind of rushed that in there. I know, I know. Still I enjoyed it. The problem with that series is there's so much gap between seasons you forgot because there's so many characters on the show. So many characters and so many story lines that they can't just be finished in one last final season but I did think everybody did a really good job. Alfie Allen plays greyjoy. It's a great story. It's so funny because his sister is a pop star, lily Allen, and she had a song back in the day that I think we have a clip of about him actually being lazy and not having a job. It's just so funny at what time this was in. don't just sit back and waste your life away Oh, my gosh. That is -- That is so funny. That is the best. Now we flash forward to now. It's the best clapback you can ever do to your sister. Baby girl, I'm nominated for an Emmy. Things have changed. Also I thought it was cool -- you know a lot of times the networks will nominate their -- they send in submissions to nominate their talent. I just learned that today. Yeah, right. So they sent in a lot of people but they didn't send in gwendoline to actually plays lady brienne. The actress that plays her sent herself in to be nominated and she got the nomination. Isn't that cool? I'm super excited because I can't wait to submit myself for a daytime Emmy for a guest host on "Strahan & Sara." Yes. It's a write-in vote I'm sure. I love when in entertainment there are times when family collides. Like lily Allen and alfie, I had no idea that they were related. Then I find out that Samira Wiley from "Orange is the new black" and the "Handmaid's tale," there she is right there, her nephew, 17-year-old Asante blackk was nominated for his role in "When they see us." That was so cool to me. She gave him a cool shout last night. I was like, yes, keep it in the family. Really good stuff so congratulations to all those people. That's amazing. Congratulations. Now, we know the kids are going to gag over this new Beyonce video. Did y'all check out Beyonce? I'm gagging over this. I cannot wait to see this movie. Everyone that I know that has seen it is just dying over it. Yeah, bey has released the music video. She was talking to robin and saying how it was pretty much a love letter to Africa, the video, the entire video from the visuals to of course the sounds that she chose and the style of dance that they had in it, all the gowns, the wardrobes, beautiful. What really took me out was little blue ivy coming through and shutting it down. She's growing up. She's so cute and the way they had her hair looking like a beautiful mane, I love when this can happen. It makes me get excited because what you want is years later to go back and watch that video and be like, mom, I was so little and you made me a part of everything you do. So I love that. I can already see them on stage accepting that Oscar for that's already a given. It's this year's lady gaga. It is all about those outfits if you haven't even the video, these crazy outfits and the drag queens are going to go nuts over this video. Look at her. I can already see the drag queens reinventing this video. It's going to be amazing. Oh, my gosh. Look at that. I wonder how long it took. It's funny, I don't know if it was this video but my friends happened to be camping in the middle of a desert somewhere and Beyonce drops out of a helicopter to shoot a music video and then flies back out. They're like, what was that? In true fashion. They're like, did Beyonce just drop out of the sky and shoot something and just -- it was insane. I love that. Any time I have to tell somebody the dramatics of a Virgo, I say a la Beyonce. A la Beyonce. Because she lives up to it in the best way. Later on I got a little Beyonce too because we're going to be dancing. Oh yeah. I have to let you guys know, that is my dream, okay? I know I'm acting really chill and cool right now but nsync was my favorite band growing up. J.C. And Lance was my crush. She has to say that. It's so true. You guys remember the guy who did Darren's dance grooves? I literally bought his DVD so I can learn how to do the bye bye bye dance. Ain't no lie, bye bye bye. That commercial, that infomercial was on 24-7. He also played in "Soul food." We were just talking about that. He did that as well. I was looking at a recent study and I thought this was interesting. Bloomberg put out that specific jobs make people happier and it turns out firefighters are one of the happiest workers in America, mine cutters, channelling machine operators, communication professors and guidance counsellors. Got a guidance counsellor right here I guess. It's not surprising to me, especially in terms of the communicators and the guidance counsellors because my dad always told me like giving -- if you're feeling down or bad, when you give to another person it can revitalize you with joy. When you think about these jobs that are actual about actually catering and being of service, it's not a surprise why people feel so good because you feel useful in the world. You feel you're actually giving something to society and not just yourself. Yeah. I've had some jobs that I definitely have not been happy at for sure. Oh, my gosh, what was your first job, Lance? I've had a few jobs before nsync. I was a snow cone maker. Okay. Everybody needs a snow cone. It was a horrible job. Then airbrush t-shirt, which by the way I'm not an artist at all. I don't know why they trusted me to do airbrushed t-shirts. I worked at a daycare. What was the funnest job you had before nsync? I guess the daycare. I really loved children. It was nice to be around them because they crack me up. Any children in your future? Yes indeed. We're having babies next year. Next spring. Oh, my gosh, congratulations. We're excited. I want kids too but it's like I can't figure out how I'm going to have them with all my jobs. You're 26. I think you're good. One day. Now, another article caught my attention. According to a young money survey, millennials are expecting financial help from their parents until their 30s. Some parents refer to it as embarrassing. Why are you clapping, Rory? Keke, I feel like good for them. Studies show young people today have a tough time saving and budgeting. Yeah. Really? You're clapping too. This is so sad. It is. I'm a xennial which is like this window of six years from maybe '76 to '82 where we don't belong. Basically we went to high school with no cell phones but in college we did. I like how you put that. I have to protect you millennials. I think you get a bad rap. Let me get into it. Here we go again with people coming after millennials, complaining that we're lazy and unmotivated. Maybe the reason we're living at home for so long is because college costs 50 grand a year and being 200 grand in debt at 22 makes getting your own condo a little bit tough. I am so tired of it. The baby boomers are mad because we got participation trophies but guess who gave us the participation trophies. The baby boomers, okay? They're mad we're addicted to the internet but we're only addicted to it because you made it so addictive. Then you say we're so distracted but -- hold on quick. Hey y'all! I'll be up soon. Holler at me. Anyway, the point is, you're mad at us but we're not mad at you. So instead of ragging on us all the time, why don't you help us. We're always helping you with Facebook. We need a little love and some help. We're trying our best. That's really the truth. We really are trying our best but sometimes we don't have all the tools so we need to bring the baby boomers and the millennials generation and the X -- what do you call them? Xennials. Xennials together and build a

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{"duration":"9:21","description":"Bey's 'Spirit' video just dropped and Keke and Lance have thoughts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64418539","title":"Keke and Lance are here for Beyonce's new video","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/keke-lance-beyonces-video-64418539"}