'Queer Eye' cooking secrets with Antoni

A "Queer Eye" superfan gets some surprise help making souvlaki Arahova.
7:49 | 09/17/19

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Transcript for 'Queer Eye' cooking secrets with Antoni
from "Queer eye" on our show and realized how much they're impacting people around the world. We decided to have one of their biggest fans Mallory Johnson teach us what she learned from the fab five. Thanks for having me. We're so happy to have you. Who is your favorite? Antoni for sure. He's the food and wine expert. Why antoni? I was in culinary school. I was a chef for ten years. I took a step back when my kids were born. I have two daughters, a 7 and a 3-year-old. I love him because he introduces family friendly meals, but from the restaurants. It's fine dining that you can cook for your kids that they love. This one especially that I'm going to make my kids adore. Let's get into it. What are you going to be making us? We're making souvlaki. Hold on. What? Souvlaki. It comes out so easily. Greek food. Yes. I cooked in a Greek restaurant in St. Louis for many years. This is one of my favorites. Where do we start? We'll start over here. Basically, first step -- You know what, can I stop you real quick? You're going to do great on your own. I should have a guest come out and join her. What do y'all think? Come on out here antoni. How are you? Good. Did we surprise you? Yes. Brief interruption. It's souvlaki. Just to give you a little bit of a back story. Souvlaki is a dish. Why this dish is so important to me it's what my mother ate during the nine months of pregnancy when she was having me. This stuff is the reason I exist. I need to up my pregnancy game. That was not what I was eating. It was that and pickles and mayo. This is probably a little more exciting than dipping pickles in may I don't. You two get started. Show us how to do this. I want you to get started. You've been preparing. I'll gently critique in the Okay. The pressure. Step one you're going to put the cucumbers in. Dice them a quarter of an inch. We drain them so when we put them into the yogurt it doesn't get runny. We let that sit. Meanwhile we have these here -- Are you nervous? I'm a little nervous for you. Kind of. You're good. You're doing great. Do I put these in here? Nope. Gently criticize. Criticize. I am not criticizing keke. I'm not. We're not here for that. You're okay. We'll pretend like that didn't happen. Now for your go yogurt parfait. We'll do dill, garlic. While you're mixing that, antoni, you have some sexy shots in here. Thanks. We like to switch it up. Recipes and photos. Why all the sexy shots in your cookbook, man? It makes the people thirsty. And hungry. You're a snack, antoni. That's all mixed up. That looks really good. We add in the chicken. Okay. This is going to marinate for at least 45 minutes in the refrigerator covered or up to four hours. If you're like me I put it in the fridge when my kids get home from school. Then it's ready to go. This is going to tenderize the chicken so when we grill it, it's nice and tender. I love tender, love. Antoni, can I ask you a question. Yeah. If you guys didn't know, the show won four creative artist four! There you go. The fab five. I'm curious. You guys are a lot of fun. Every time you come here we have a great time. When you win four emmys, how do you celebrate? We were all together which is we were there with our execs and producers, our casting department. The wonderful women and men from the casting department who are responsibility responsible for finding these heros. It was a good snot fest cry. It was awesome. It was an ugly cry. I personally celebrated by being in bed by 9:30, raiding my mini bar and eating soft carmels and like Carmel covered popcorn. That's how I do it. I love a mini barrade. What's next, Mallory? When you're ready to pull this out, the next step is to put the shallots in red wine vinegar. This is going to pickle them. We do a little bit of salt in there. How long do they have to stay in there to pickle? 15 minutes. Pickling takes longer. This is a quick lazy way to do it during the week. Shallots are softer than red onions. That's a nice tip. My grandmother is Polish. She used to make cucumber -- She made mizeria? Yes. This is so -- I haven't thought about this in so long. See, this is why I love food so much. It's my favorite. You realize that the same recipes are -- they're connected throughout cultures. The Polish salad of dill, vinegar and cucumbers is in Greek cuisine as well. I want to use that as my tag line. She used mizeria! I love the way you did that. We still got some cooking to do. What's next? Once you do the pickled shallots we'll do oregano with feta cheese and mixed with olive Antoni, do you have to be a chef to do this? She's next level already. Absolutely not. These are things that are so simple to make. It's not an intimidating recipe at all. All you have to do is get a copy of his book. Exactly. Real quickly, did you always want to write a cookbook? I did. The opportunity we have on "Queer eye" is to figure out how we can be of service to our heros. Then with a cookbook it was showing my own culinary memoire and recipes that have shaped me. Doesn't matter how simple or complex the recipe is we all have that food story, like this. We all have those dishes that shaped us, like this. We're running out of time. How do we finish this? Do you want me to assemble one real quick? Sure. We have toasted pita. Toast your pita like you toast your bread. You don't want it soft. We take our chicken skewer. You don't want to be biting on wood. No one needs that in their life. Put our pickled shallots. Nice acidy, brightness. Little extra feta. Do we have spoons? Yes. Am I using my hands? Absolutely. That's love, baby. Cherry tomatoes. It's the only tomato that should be in the fridge. All others tomatoes should be kept in a cool dark place. Fresh mint to brighten it up. Little bit of dill and we got it.

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{"duration":"7:49","description":" A \"Queer Eye\" superfan gets some surprise help making souvlaki Arahova.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65669208","title":"'Queer Eye' cooking secrets with Antoni","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/queer-eye-cooking-secrets-antoni-65669208"}