Real momfessions with Jenny Mollen

The NY Times bestselling author joins Sara and a couple viewers to share their embarrassing mom confessions.
6:48 | 09/19/19

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Transcript for Real momfessions with Jenny Mollen
installment of one of my favorite segments, mom-fessions. This is where we get into the nitty-gritty of what it's really like to be a mom, the good days, the bad days and whatever it takes to just get through the day. We all have some move moves that we might be embarrassed to admit but this is a safe space for us to mom Fess. Joining me today, actress, "New York Times" best selling author and mother of two, Jenny mollen. We're joined by two very brave viewers, Michelle and Alicia, who have mom-fessions of their own. I'm going to start us out because I want to show you guys how this is done. Hi, my name is Sara. All: Hi, Sara. My mom-fession is that I have three kids and when the baby was asleep the other night we still had two kids and two kids was too much. So my husband and I put one of our kids to bed more than an our early so we only had one kid. Thank you. My question is did you change the clocks in the house? Because I would feel like I need some back-up. No, we went with the youngest one who doesn't understand time. Wonderful. We put her right in there and everything felt more manageable. We were like, you look tired, sweetie. I think she rubbed her eye, I think. So yeah. Thoughts? Have you guys ever avoided -- I know you sometimes just remove yourself from the equation. I like to take a medical melatonin and put myself to bed because I feel like if my eyes are closed, I didn't see it happen. I understand that fatigue factor. I'm on board with that, especially when I'm on an airplane. I think you guys have a clip of something I did recently. This is what I like to call, like assist yourself and don't worry about the passenger seated next to you type of move. Like put your mask on first and ignore the other masks. Exactly. And don't claim that child. Like whose kid is this? No, no. We would probably judge them out loud, whose kid is this? He's under two so he didn't even have a ticket for that flight. You have a mom-fession too. I do. Hello, my name is Jenny. All: Hi, Jenny. And I have a mom-fession for you guys. I'm a mother of two and sometimes what I like to do, instead of having a glass of wine to decompress, I like to go to, like, the nearest home store, pretend I'm 19 again and shop for my first starter apartment, you know, look for maybe a Moroccan poof, maybe a -- Lava lamp. A lava lamp, a t-shirt with an avocado on it, five pairs of underwear for a dollar. You don't know what you need when you're single. Anything can happen. It's cathartic. It's so cathartic. So cathartic. I don't remember what those days are like. I don't remember those days. I need those days back. No, because you can't even take yourself back. You're like, what did we do with all that time? I don't even know. I understand that. Michelle. Yes. We need you to mom-fess. I am Michelle and -- All: Hi, Michelle. And my mom-fession is that sometimes I get in my best workout gear, I go to the gym, leave the girls at child care and go sit at the deli. Oh, yes. It's for two hours as long as you're in the gym. No, that is brilliant. You can do that? I want a t-shirt that says drinking lattes is my cardio. Exactly. No, but I love this because you've got a little ways there. You put your workout clothes on. Yeah. I looked like I was supposed to be there. That's about as far as I get. Isn't it ironic that we live in yoga pants and we don't see yoga. I don't do yoga. I don't do yoga but those pants are life changing. Child care, no joke, is so expensive and the more kids you have, every time you add another one, that's like, a lot. Join a gym that has that. I need to join a gym, asap. I had a gym membership before I had my first apartment in Jersey. We were moving and I was like, I want to go to that gym because it has free child care. Are they open on Friday nights? Saturday, Sunday. I feel a plan coming on. Okay, now, Alicia, you also are joining the mom-fessions. Yes. Stand up. It's a safe space, don't worry. Okay. Hi, I'm Alicia. All: Hi, Alicia. My mom confession is, my daughter who's four, likes to dress herself in the morning. The other day she came to the door with her jacket upside down, one shoe on and one sock. Like, uh, you look cute, let's go. Wait, where was she going? To school? To school. Wait, did you get a call or an email, like, what's up, mom? Well, you know, the teacher is like, where's her shoe? I was like, it's at home but I don't want her to have a tantrum. You know what you should have said, I'm really encouraging Independence and this is a social experiment and getting her to become her own person. Put it back on them and leave it there. I'll do that next time because she does this a lot. And she'll have a complete meltdown if you try to -- Yes, a complete meltdown, screaming, legs going all over the place. Sometimes that's fun too. Sometimes I like to invoke tantrums because they're funny. They are funny and if it's a really cute kid, so one of our kids is more fun to watch tantrum than the other. One is annoying and it triggers the other one I look at her and I'm like, max, look at her little lips when she says, no, no. Yeah, I understand. Recently, my little one, he's afraid of spiders and this is terrible of me but -- You're in a safe space. I feel like you guys will understand. I bought a giant spider from Michael's. It's literally the size of one of those medicine balls. Or one of your kids. Bigger than the kid. I needed it to look like it could devour the child. That was part of my plan and I perched it in front of my eldest son's door and then I led the bale down the hallway just to kind of like see him freak out. Oh, my gosh, you have a video. I needed it for me, guys. You know what, a sense of humor is what we all need to get through it. Jenny, thank you. Thank you Alicia, Michelle and -- I want to give you your you are now in the club, guys. You qualified. If you have a mom-fession you want to share with us next time, tweet us using our hashtag I mom Fess because we want to hear from you. Coming up, the always

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{"duration":"6:48","description":"The NY Times bestselling author joins Sara and a couple viewers to share their embarrassing mom confessions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65721766","title":"Real momfessions with Jenny Mollen","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/real-momfessions-jenny-mollen-65721766"}