Should texting while crossing the street be illegal?

Michael and Sara sound off about a proposed new law.
4:42 | 05/21/19

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Transcript for Should texting while crossing the street be illegal?
dish" jingle. You heard the "Lunch dish" jingle? Michael only has one ear. Okay. You got to play into his good ear. Thank you, Rory. It's time for "Lunch dish." I feel like my parents, huh, what did you say? The topics that everyone is talking about at lunch and it won't cause you to fight with whoever you're lunching with. On, who says that. Supposedly, Rory promises us. I saw this yesterday, and I've -- I'm torn on this one. Because New York state lawmakers, they want to outlaw texting while crossing the street. They want to outlaw you when crossing the street while texting. Third time, $250. So, should there be a law against texting and walking? Well, I'd like to think you don't have to tell people you're walking out in front of vehicles and could be hit and killed. Was the text worth it? But if you have ever walked across the street or down a sidewalk in New York City, you realize that there might have to be law for this. Everyone is so, like, central consumed in their life, they stop where they are and check their phone in the middle of moving, walking traffic. Like I think -- That's stopping and texting. That's what I mean, though. They can be in the street, they can be anywhere, they stop like this and just go like this. This is what you have to do. If you're polite, I'm walking, I'm walking, I text, I pull over. Are you driving? No, I'm walking. You know what I mean? I know what you mean. I'm messing with you. I'm messing with you. So, if you're willing to pull over and text, you're cool in my book. No text is important enough to take it in the middle of the street. I was walking the other day and I had to yell at a lady, look up, because she was like this. It's driving. Texting and walking on the sidewalk is like driving -- right side on this side. Left side. It's like driving. Don't be walking on my side of the sidewalk, and then you have your head down. I might have to give you the flipper. Play a little pinball with you. Give you the flipper. Like, wake up! To prove my point, if I see someone not walking over and I watched them for half a block, I keep walking. I'm like, you're going bump into this is going to be awkward. But I'm right and you're wrong. When they get close -- You can hurt someone. I try not to do it. But we're just curious with the audience, anybody -- what do you think about walking and texting and all that stuff? Anyone have an opinion on that? All right, catch the microphone, there you go. What you got? Honestly, I think there should be a test, like, when S.W.A.T. Has to have those pop-up people and if you can navigate without bumping into them you're good to go. When you go to the police academy you got to be -- there you go. I think it's ridiculous. Being a new Yorker, if you want to be a jerk it's your prerogative. I think literally -- really, come on, they make a law about everything. The next thing, how many blinks you can have per minute. I love that you're defending jerks' rights everywhere. So you think you should be able to do it? Lawlessness around the world. -- Corruption in politics. You need to blink. You don't need to text. All right, any other opinion on this? There we go, right there. I think you guys are wrong. I'm actually all for texting and walking -- as long as you can chew gum and walk you can text and walk. Just hold your phone up here. I am finding these arguments. I'm struggling. Texting and chewing -- walking and chewing gum is different because I can see. When I'm texting -- you're not looking. You see it hod up so you can see what you're doing while you're walking. Stop when you get to street. I tell you right now, when this show is over I'm going to meet you in the street. You're going to get the flipper, man. Throw that back to me. See what your arm is like -- Great job. I think I actually -- defend the actions of jerks everywhere because you're from

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"Michael and Sara sound off about a proposed new law.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63178446","title":"Should texting while crossing the street be illegal?","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/texting-crossing-street-illegal-63178446"}