Tory Johnson has the summer beauty deals you need

Jewelry, foot care, makeup removers and more in this week's Deals & Steals.
5:27 | 07/16/19

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Transcript for Tory Johnson has the summer beauty deals you need
deals on summer beauty. Partnered with these companies to bring you incredible savings. What's up, Tory? Okay. Bling, bling. That's all I need to say. You were admiring this. I was admiring this because I'm always losing my jewelry. I don't want to spend hundreds of thousands on jewelry that I'm going to lose but I still want it to look nice. This is the biggest assortment from sterling forever. Huge variety of on-trend pieces right now. Everything is about dainty, but you still want it to show up, stackable, layering pieces. They've got a big assortment and it's all really good prices. Normally, these range from about 50 to $98. Not today, today it's 12 to $20. Okay, big savings. I got -- I used these before. This company is called barefoot scientists. That's going to go on your foot. So good. That's okay. It's really good, you guys. It's so incredibly soft. It's got argon oil, Shea butter, the scent of it has a little rose oil in it. You put these on, overnight, you wake up with the most moisturized, smoothest skin. Your feet is so smooth. They're fabulous. They also have -- they're really awesome. This relief cream that heats up from using it. That's also amazing for soothing tired, tired feet. A little stronger than I thought. It's a little strong, yeah. Normally $22 each. Today they're slashed in half, $11. $11 for awesome feet. Okay, quick flick. You both actually have it. You both are wearing cat eye. This is the product for you, it comes with the right and the left side. It will give you the perfect wing eyeliner every single time. Oh, wow. One side is that perfect little wing. It has a stamp. It has a stamp. This is supercute. We can look like you guys. We can look like you. Very cool. Normally $30. Choose your colors -- color, there are a variety of colors. Choose your size. Slashed in half, $15. Once you worn all this makeup, this is the product for you, it's called makeup eraser. Someone gifted me, Kim porter gave me this. That's so sweet. Yeah, that made me remember that. That's awesome. Well, good memories and just water all you need is this cloth and water and it will take off all of your makeup. It's a great alternative to disposal wipes. It's an environmentally friendly alternative to disposal wipes. It's great, these are the little travel sizes. You can keep these everywhere you want. 1,000 washes. Normally, 12 to $20. Today they're slashed in half, 5 to $10. It's a good one. So we're sticking with the environmentally friendly options here, so that's a little tote bag from rock flower, that one. That's a little tote bag, it's easy for travel. As soon as you get to where you want to go, you got a good bag to hold some stuff. One of its bestselling products is these cloths. That's soaked. Right? I want to have you squeeze that out. To see how much water is in there. I love an experiment. You see how ultra absorbent that is. Oh, wow. I feel like it's still good. It's dried up and now I can reuse it. I can still reuse it. Instead of paper towels, instead of paper towels that you toss you'll use those the reusable and again, really, eco-friendly option. All these things come in great sets including the travel cubes. 20 to $34.50, today they're slashed in half, 9 to $17.25. I brought this because I know you're my "Shark tank" aficionado. It was on shark tank, one of the originals from "Shark tank." This is your toilet nightlight. This is their signature product. That's what happens. It's a motion detector. You know, middle of the night, all the lights are off, someone walks into the bathroom, they don't want to turn on the light. So this prevents what they say midnight misses. No more midnight misses. I love stuff like this. And a variety of other products that are great. Really cool phone holder for the shower or bath. Mount it on the wall. 7 to $35, slashed in half. 3 to $6.50. Our audience is all going home with products from sterling forever, rock flower and

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"Jewelry, foot care, makeup removers and more in this week's Deals & Steals.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64372571","title":"Tory Johnson has the summer beauty deals you need","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/tory-johnson-summer-beauty-deals-64372571"}