The viral 'fashion advice' dad is here

Jeff Saville and his daughters share their heartwarming story that blew up the internet.
7:04 | 07/18/19

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Transcript for The viral 'fashion advice' dad is here
adorable stories on the show and we've been talking about this one all week. A few days ago a single dad of four, Jeff Saville from Texas, went viral after his daughter Carly tweeted these texts he sent her asking for fashion advice before a date. Carly posted, life without a single dad asking for advice on date outfits my heart. And get this, after picking out the perfect outfit, he was stood up on the date. Yeah, stood up. The story melted the internet's heart and ours so much that we had to meet him. So here he is, please welcome Jeff Saville. How are you doing, Jeff? All right, I see you're wearing -- Now, I see you're wearing the white shirt. This is the shirt your daughter picked out? This is the shirt. What do y'all think? Looking fly. We're at the end game of it all but I want to kind of go back. You were married and then you got a divorce. Mm-hmm. What was that process? Um, it was pretty daunting. You know, anybody that goes through a divorce, you got to move on with your life, pick up your boot straps and just take care of your kids. Yes. How long ago was the divorce until now? About two and a half years ago. Two and a half years ago. And I mean, taking care of four girls, that must be so hard. How do you do it? You just do it. You just wake up and do it. It's not uncommon for my phone to go off three, four times a day with all four of them, you know, and them needing something, hair, makeup, nails, whatever. Exactly. Stuff you know a lot about. Yeah. Do you do a mean braid now? I haven't done any braiding. Okay. We'll have to teach you. So how long were you married? 22 years. 22 years, so what was it like after 22 years knowing someone so specifically, then saying I'm going to get back in the dating game? You know, it's -- we all have to move on. You just -- everybody goes through a divorce. Some people do, some people don't. You just move on. Has the dating game changed a lot? I'm sure it has. You know, it's -- with taking care of four girls, it's pretty busy so I don't really have time to date, to be honest. You don't do online dating? No. Tinder? No. That's the next segment. We'll get him on tinder. Would you say that your girls have a lot to do with helping push you out there for that? Probably. You know, they're always -- they're pretty -- I guess they're pretty picky like I am so I always consult with them. Yes. What kind of advice do they give you? Clearly they give you advice on the fashions. Well, just to put god first and love your -- Love your kids. Love cures all. And they're not lying. Let's get your girls up here. Come on, girls. Are you guys twins? How are you? All of you so beautiful, you girls. Hi. You too. This is a gorgeous family right here. Hannah, Mia and jade here. So let's talk about the date. What went down on this date? Well, let's see. I was going on a third date and I just wanted to make sure I looked good, so -- So sweet. Carly wasn't home so I texted her and asked her if she would help me pick out a shirt. She said just take a selfie and send it to me. I said I can't do that. She goes, okay, just go in the bathroom, look in the mirror and take a picture of yourself in the mirror. I said, I can try that. So I did that and I took pictures of three separate shirts and we decided on this one. Girls, I want to ask you guys, what was the transition like for you from going, you know, from your dad being with your mom to the divorce to now him dating and just you guys' life changing? Well, my dad dating is definitely something important to us because we all want him to be happy and have someone to be his soulmate because he needs someone, especially once we're all gone. That's going to be sad. Can't leave him all alone. How do you feel that your dad went so viral? Were you expecting the reaction? No. Oh, it was crazy. I wasn't expecting it at all. Literally I woke up and the whole world felt the exact same way about my dad as I did. Aw. Most of us would be embarrassed that our parents are even on social media, like, oh, my gosh, I can't believe you did that, dad. Yeah, that must be intense. No, we were so excited because he's not a regular dad. He's a cool dad. Cool dad. Yeah. And so -- How do you feel hearing the girls say that about you? It's pretty cool. Love, we have a lot of love. You can tell. Really, there's just not enough love out there, you know. I honestly think that's why people responded so much. Whether what happened with the date or not, it's the reality that they saw how much your daughters cared and love you. That's why everybody attached on. What does your dad mean to you guys? My dad is my best friend. He is my best friend. He's there for anything and everything that we need, always there. My dad is the most kind-hearted person I've ever met. Like, he's the most selfless person. Like he puts others before him for everything. Thanks, Mia. We love you. Thanks. You raised some good daughters. We literally just means the world. Like he does everything and anything for all of us and he never does any of the same stuff for himself and it shows and I could not tell you how much I appreciate it and how much I love you. The most genuine person I've ever met and I look up to him so much just because he's so true to himself and he's just one of a kind, and so just having him as a dad, I literally wouldn't trade him for the world because I wouldn't be who I am today if I didn't have him. Jeff, I don't care what happens after this. You got four girls who would literally do anything for you. They love you to death and it's beautiful to see. I think y'all are going to be all right. Oh yeah. It's so great to meet y'all. His nickname is hayfay. Y'all are all welcome to call him that. We don't call him Jeff. We heard this is your first time in New York so we're sending you to dinner on us, and who knows, maybe that special someone will be there. Let us know on social media and we will try to connect you. Jeff, next time you need fashion

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{"duration":"7:04","description":"Jeff Saville and his daughters share their heartwarming story that blew up the internet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64418672","title":"The viral 'fashion advice' dad is here","url":"/GMA/Strahan_and_Sara/video/viral-fashion-advice-dad-64418672"}